Time to dig deep in Doha: COP18 and climate finance

Developed countries have come to Doha keen to move on to a new track of negotiations that will result in legally binding commitments to act for all countries in a deal to be struck by 2015. But several critical issues are left unresolved, both in the current track of negotiations and concerning the future of the Kyoto protocol. It is vital these issues are addressed before the talks move on.

Developed countries must adopt a second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol, agree to increase their lowly mitigation targets, and show how they are going to deliver their $100 billion dollar per year climate finance commitment. This would give the new talks the foundation they need to ensure a step change in climate action in the years ahead.

Climate finance can therefore make or break this COP, because developing countries could block the transition to this new track of negotiations, unless they are satisfied with developed countries’ commitments in Doha toward their $100 billion climate finance commitment. They have real leverage to ensure that developed countries honor their past commitments before pressing ahead with future plans. Success in Doha requires both.

Developed countries must now commit to moving forward on public climate finance and filling the Green Climate Fund.

If solid commitments are not made here in Doha, there is a risk that we will see delay tactics every year until 2020, which is of little use to communities facing the impacts of climate change now.

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