#Landgrabs campaigners have inspired action around the world

Across the UK last December, people highlighted the problem of land grabs – where big companies buy up land in some of the world’s poorest countries for profit. Often land grabs mean the people who live on the land are evicted. They lose their homes, livelihoods, and their way of growing food.

Sign our petition: Tell the World Bank to lead the fight against land grabs

Last week we saw how the UK campaigners inspired action around the world. Campaigners spread the word globally last Thursday – from Italy to Canada, Tanzania to the USA, people from 9 countries “grabbed” iconic landmarks to show how shocking and unfair land grabs are.

Thousands of people in 47 countries spread the message: we want the World Bank to help stop land grabs. Here's a snapshot of tweets around the world using #landgrabs, from 7 - 11 Feb 2013, via Topsy.

It's not too late to get involved. We're asking the World Bank – which funds some big land deals, and can influence how land is bought and sold – to help stop land grabs.

What you can do

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