Final tips for In My Place, our crowdsourced music video for Coldplay

We've asked you to star in an exclusive video for Coldplay's acoustic version of "In My Place", and help Oxfam fight the injustice of land grabs.

The photos and videos you've sent in for so far have been amazing. We're so pleased with all the inventive ideas you've had.

With just a few days to go, there are a few shots and scenes we'd really like to see:

  • Most importantly: people singing along to the song. Don't worry, we won't use your vocals (though we're sure your singing is beautiful)! We'll just lipsync you to the song.
  • Can you show us where you are? We've received videos from more than 45 countries. We know there are Coldplay fans and Oxfam supporters in the Middle East, in Africa, in Latin America. Show us landmarks, scenery and places you're proud of. (Here's a great example.) That way, we can show that there are people around the world standing up against land grabs.
  • It's really useful to have two versions of each video: one up close, and a wider shot that shows us exactly where you are.

We've seen you recreate bedrooms, showers, dining rooms, kitchens, living rooms, studies, gardens and even toilets. You've eaten, brushed your teeth, watched TV, cooked, washed, ironed, read and exercised in the strangest places.

If you're still seeking inspiration, why not shoot something at the funfair, on a rooftop, showing an epic landscape, in a shantytown, underwater, on a boat, on a roundabout, in a shopping mall, at school, at hospital, on a farm, on a ski lift, at the beach, at the zoo, by a waterfall, under a waterfall!, in a plane, in the doctor's waiting room, in a lift, in a museum, on safari, at the pyramids, in the rainforest, at the arctic, in the snow or on the ice, in the desert, at the beach, up a mountain, in a field.

Or somewhere moving: a train, bus, bike, car - skydiving, parachuting.

Or just be completely weird: how about a person in an elephant suit hanging off a lamppost? Your only limit is your imagination!

Send in your photos and videos by Tuesday 2 April.

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