GROW Week 2013 is here! 14-18 October

Today, just ahead of World Food Day on Wednesday, Oxfam launched GROW Week. Around the world, in over 15 countries, thousands of people are participating in events to celebrate the joy and power of food.

Every day we’ll be showing you what supporters and campaigners are doing around the world – an international celebration of food with daily blogs, photo roundups, and loads of ways to get involved and take action.

GROW Week around the world

Here’s a taste of what's happening around the world:

  • Australia: Eat local, feed global
  • Belgium: Shop volunteers cooking appetizers for customers
  • Canada: A “Pepsi Challenge”-style taste test
  • Mexico: A 3.3 kilometer bike tour in Mexico City for food security
  • New Zealand: A public talk with the founders of Ooooby and Food Forest NZ
  • Nigeria: A song – "Where Is Our 10%?" – by renowned African celebrities
  • Nigeria: A radio talk show on the impact of investing in women family farmers
  • Peru: Big public actions at government headquarters
  • Philippines: The #GROWChallenge to #EatBrownRice
  • Spain: An international meeting of women leaders on the right to food and land
  • Spain: A report about Fair Trade and responsible consumption n Spain
  • Tanzania: Rural Women Assembly and a food festival in Zanzibar
  • Worldwide: World Food Day Dinners

World Food Day Dinners

How can you get involved yourself? Host a World Food Day Dinner on Wednesday. Make it a meal that fosters a conversation about where your food comes from, who cultivates it, and how we can make the food system more just and sustainable. This handy discussion guide from Oxfam America should help to bring your dinner party to life:

We’re doing all this as part of the GROW campaign – a global movement of people and organizations determined to tackle the root causes of hunger and the vested interests that keep people hungry.

Use your consumer power!

This World Food Day, use your power as a consumer to change the way some of the world’s biggest food companies do business. As demand for sugar increases, so does the rush for land to grow it. Oxfam has found that companies that supply sugar to Coke, Pepsi, Associated British Foods and other food and beverage giants are kicking poor farmers off their land and robbing them of their rights – leaving many homeless and hungry.

Land grabs are the sugar industry’s bitter secret. But we can change this. You’re a consumer - big food and beverage companies care what you think. Get the facts and take action now.

Let's make some noise

Just have 10 seconds? Join our World Food Day social media action -- lend a tweet or Facebook update, asking Coca-Cola, Pepsi and ABF to act.


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