#WFD2013 in Italy: Taking on the GROW Method

This GROW Week blog post was written by Federico Spadini, Oxfam Italy.

Imagine… You are at the supermarket buying the food you will use during the week. Six apples, three bananas, 1.5kg of bread, 1.5lt of milk… Then you go home, open the fridge and store four apples, 2 bananas, 1kg of bread, 1 liter of milk, and you throw the rest of the food in the garbage can!

Think this is stupid? Unfortunately, this is what many of us do every day, every week. Globally, approximately one third of food produced is wasted before being consumed. And this is not happening only on the consumers side – but also in the production, distribution and stock process. But we, consumers, can change things and avoid wasting the food we buy!

To do this, we have to be aware that everything we buy and eat has a history and a value which goes beyond calories and money spent to buy it. This is why Oxfam Italy is launching, on the occasion of the World Food Day 2013, a series of 10 web films on how we, consumers, can grow positive change for people and planet by changing the way we buy and eat food, or by the way we buy clothes or we go to work every day.

Starring on this film is Cristina Gabetti, a famous Italian journalist which is always engaged into growing sustainable lifestyles. “COLTIVATI” short films will be screened on Donna Moderna TV and have been produced by the communication agency Non Chiederci La Parola for Oxfam Italy.

Watch the first release: 

 Each week Oxfam Italia, Cristina Gabetti, Donna Moderna and Non Chiederci La Parola will GROW together new ways to avoid food waste – for a future when everybody will have enough to eat, always.

Stay tuned for more video episodes!

This blog was written by Federico Spadini, Oxfam Italy.

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