Are Coke, Pepsi and ABF ignoring more than 192,000 of their customers?

How difficult is it to say “we do not tolerate abuse”?

More than 300,000 of you have got involved in our Behind the Brands campaign, challenging the way the food companies that make your favorite brands do business.

Over 175,000 of you have joined the call for Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and ABF to commit to zero tolerance for land grabs.

All we want to know is that their food and drink has not been produced by kicking poor people off their land.

But more than three weeks later, they still haven’t made any commitments. How hard can it be for a company to say “we don’t tolerate human rights abuses?”

Now we need you to increase the pressure. Show the companies behind your favorite brands that you want them to help stop land grabs.

Take action

Join thousands of supporters across the world and show these companies that you are waiting for them to act. Head over to our ‘Spread the Word’ page to find out what you can do next – send them a tweet, share a message on Facebook, or even create your very own personalized sugary drinks can and show it to Coke, Pepsi and ABF to demand they listen – and help stop land grabs now.

Need a little inspiration?

Here’s the astonishing story of the Behind the Brands land grab campaign so far – we’re really proud of you and our partners for the creative, exciting and powerful ways you’ve spread the message to companies. Keep it up!


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