Tell ABF to act now to stop landgrabs

Planning on checking Facebook or Twitter today? Of course you are. Join in our quick social media action to push for some corporate social responsibility!

Associated British Foods (ABF) is a huge company. They own some of the most recognisable brands, from Ovaltine, Ryvita and Mazola, to Primark and Twinings tea. But they themselves are not very well known, and haven't responded to the same kind of pressure we've been able to leverage to get Coke and Pepsi around the negotiating table.

And with the world's biggest sugar buyer, Coca-Cola agreeing to change their policies earlier this month it's now time for ABF to get with our program!

ABF Week of Action

Last week, supporters in the UK got a head start on asking this British company and their brands to act. But ABF are still not showing they’re listening.

While we continue to pressure both PepsiCo and ABF through our Stand for Land photo action, it’s time for people across the world to join in in getting the message across to ABF's public facing brands that their owners, ABF, need to step up and act.

This week, ahead of their Annual General Meeting on Friday, 6 December, we're asking you to add a quick post on the Facebook walls and Twitter feeds of these brands, asking them, in turn, to tell their parent company we mean business.

Twitter action:

Tweet one of ABF's hottest brands. You can edit the message before you send:

Facebook action:

Copy this message then post to their wall:

@TwiningsTeaUK It's time to tell your parent company Associated British Foods to adopt a zero tolerance policy on land grabs!

Now take a Stand for Land with Oxfam and EyeEm

Once you’ve tweeted and Facebooked, why not show that you #StandforLand in solidarity with those affected by land grabs through photo sharing app EyeEm. Take a photo of your feet – in your favourite place – and send it to Pepsi and ABF. Then share it with your friends!

I #StandForLand with @Oxfam and call on @PepsiCo & #ABF to help stop land grabs.

Leave a comment below with a link to your tweet or Facebook post, or your EyeEm #StandforLand photo, and we'll retweet it @Oxfam.

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