Future News? 3 enlightened reasons to help make the Robin Hood Tax a reality now

The Robin Hood Tax as Future News: featuring Andrew Lincoln, Bill Nighy, Clémence Poésy, Heike Makatsch and Javier Cámara

Following the devastating financial crisis it’s been great to see banks winning back hearts and minds by helping those who were hit the hardest, embracing tough new regulations, and slashing bonuses... Right?

Sometimes it’s tempting to try and rewrite the past, but what about the future? What would you like to see the news reporting in ten years time?

This video does just that. It shows how future global news programs might report on the results of The Robin Hood Tax, a simple tax on financial institutions which could raise billions to drive down extreme poverty, shore up budgets for public services, and fight climate change.

So why make the Robin Hood Tax a reality now so that it becomes "future news"?

1. Just 5% of the expected tax revenue could fund a million extra nurses across Africa.

2. 22% of the revenue would be enough to reverse the cuts that Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal made to education between 2009 and 2011.

3. In one year, the tax could fund Europe's share of the Green Climate Fund to tackle climate change.

YOU can build a better world

Over the coming weeks, leaders from eleven countries across Europe will debate the implementation of the tax, but to stand up to the banking lobby, they need you.

If one million people say yes to a Robin Hood Tax – and yes to using it to build a better world – politicians will know they’re acting in the public interest when they make our Future News a reality.

Be one in a million and sign up now, then share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

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