Blog Action Day 2014: Your blog or social media profile could help end #inequality!

As the head of Blog Action Day I think it can, and I am very passionate about how we can use the many digital tools at our disposal to share our stories, learn from others and take action to influence the big challenges of the day.

Since 2007, every year Blog Action Day has empowered tens of thousands of bloggers from hundreds of countries, to focus on one important global theme on October 16.

Our participants share, discuss and inspire action within their networks, on important global themes like human rights, climate change and poverty by connecting their friends with inspiring campaigns and organizations who have in-depth knowledge of the relevant issues.

Every year I am overwhelmed by the huge awareness and positive actions that the Blog Action Day community inspire around the world via their posts on October 16 as they encourage their networks to be the change they want to see in the world, on an individual, community and global level.

Inequality wordcloud

Inequality: the common thread

After looking back at past Blog Action Day posts, I noticed that there was a common thread running through our previous topics that riled the passions of our community like no other: inequality.

Inequality is often the reason individuals and communities are denied their rights, don’t have an equal chance to thrive, or can’t access the resources they need to live safe, productive and healthy lives, and it is the obvious theme for Blog Action Day 2014.

Blog Action Day is very proud to be partnering with Oxfam, whose in-depth understanding and knowledge of the causes and effects inequality, comes from their many decades of working with communities around the world, and has also provided Oxfam with great insight on some of the ways that inequality can be overcome.

Together, Blog Action Day and Oxfam invite you to join us to discuss what inequality means to you, by sharing your thoughts and ideas on October 16 as part of Blog Action Day, alongside a community of bloggers and social media users around the world.

Find out more about Blog Action Day, by visiting our website and registering your blog, and take a look at Oxfam’s growing list of resources, information and actions about Inequality.

And put October 16, 2014 in your calendar as the day that you join the global discussion to end inequality.

Karina Brisby is the Director of Blog Action Day, and has worked with leading International Development and Campaigning organizations around the world on poverty, conflict and social justice issues over the last 15 years.

Follow the conversation @blogactionday12 @Oxfam @oxfam_es @oxfam_fr.

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