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On their way to the plenary delegates at the UN climate talks here in Bonn, pass by a ragged bear holding up a sign: 'No coins, it's change I need.' It is a silent protest. If we would hold a minutes silence for each of the death caused by climate change, we would not be uttering a word for the next 180 days and even longer.

The exclamation mark made by climate activists at UN talks in Bonn. Credit: van Waarden / Spectral Q
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It was an aerial photo made by more than 400 volunteers who braved heavy rain to send out their message to the world.

The areal image was possible thanks to white boiler suits that were provided by the tck tck tck campaign. The passionate activists included members of NGOs from all over the world as well as local participants. 

We all lay down in a park near the climate negotiations meeting, using our bodies to spell out the words "Yes You Can".

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Zoë is adopting. Adopting a full grown-up UN negotiator for the next 6 months. Her job is to track the Canadian UN representatives in the climate change negotiations and make sure what they do is relayed to her fellow citizens through their site and other blogsites.

Japanese ad with PM Taro Aso.
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Culturally, there is little more annoying for the Japanese Governement and its representatives than to be in the eye of a storm and receiving adverse media. With this in mind, the e-campaigning NGO Avaaz and the tck tck tck campaign decided that the summit was the perfect time to publicly lobby the Japanese Prime Minister to urge him to cut his country's emissions by 25% or more before 2020.

The Australian, Canadian and Icelandic representatives with their awards. Credit: Ainhoa Goma/Oxfam
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The first plenary session started today with no news. Well, maybe there was, but most of us were just lost with figures, percentages of emission reductions for this year against that year, together with other incomprehensible negotiations. Luckily for me, some policy experts made it easy for the rest of us: with a great award to recognize those who are best at being the worst.

 Minutes before the inauguration of the Climate Change meeting in Bonn. Credit: Ainhoa Goma/Oxfam
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Tck….tck…..tck. The clock is ticking. The final countdown to the biggest climate agreement has started. World leaders will decide this December in Copenhagen how the world is going to deal with climate change and all its devastating consequences. The fine print of this United Nations agreement is being discussed starting from today in the German city of Bonn, from where Oxfam will be blogging.

A truck gets stuck in the flood waters as it tries to deliver general supplies in Mozambique. Credit: Neil Townsend/Oxfam
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Another year, another flood.  For the third year in a row now there is flooding across several Southern Africa countries.  In Southern Angola, Cunene Province is under water again and the now-ubiquitous tented camps swell in the provincial capital Ondjiva as people arrive in hope of finding some assistance from the government and NGOs like Oxfam. 


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