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Boy in a damaged house, Beit Zaitoun, Gaza. Credit: Kenny Rae/Oxfam

Three weeks after both sides declared a ceasefire, the effects of further Palestinian rocket attacks and Israeli missile strikes are being felt across the Gaza Strip, writes Michael Robin Bailey.

I am standing next to the drinking water well in El Atattara. There was a big jagged hole in the wall. Large enough to climb through.

Gaza needs an immediate and permanent ceasefire

Plans change. I had been thinking that my first post of the year was going to be about wishing that you all had a wonderful holiday, and thanking you for your support of Oxfam over the past year. But the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Gaza has pre-empted that plan.

As fighting between the Israeli army and Hamas militias has intensified over the last two weeks, the impact on civilians has been terrible, with innocent women, men and children being killed and injured.

Oxfam press officer Rebecca Wynn reflects on one of Congo’s hidden tragedies – the wasted potential of people trapped by relentless conflict.

The children I am meeting here in Kibati are at school, but they get no education. The school is where they sleep. It’s their home. Ever since they fled from the violence in their villages, it’s where they have slept, with leaves as their mattresses and their bodies snuggled close.


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