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Photography from the exhibition 'Enough to Eat'. Credit: Matthew Willman
Blog channel: Gender Justice

Putting food on the table can be a challenge for many people and families around the world. That is also true in South Africa, where the Climate Conference, COP17, is being held.

For the women of the Western Cape in South Africa, the lack of secure employment and access to land, as well as the impacts of climate change, are making feeding their families increasingly difficult.

Photo of a group of women clapping their hands, smiling at the camera.
Blog channel: Gender Justice

Before arriving in Ethiopia last week, I knew of the country’s reputation as one of Africa’s most tradition-bound societies; as a country in which men and women have clearly defined roles.

Fetching water, which can be grueling and tedious work, is one such role. It’s just one of many tasks that girls and women are expected to perform in households across Ethiopia every day. Others include gathering firewood, cooking food, caring for children and elderly relatives, maintaining the home, and working on the family farm.

Women gather outside Dadaab refugee camp, Kenya. Photo: Oxfam
Blog channel: Gender Justice

Two-dozen women are gathered under a tree sheltering from the harsh sun and constant hot wind that blows here in Dadaab Refugee Camp, in eastern Kenya.

Oxfam has organized to meet exclusively with groups of women here in the outskirts of Ifo camp, offering them a unique opportunity to talk openly about what they need to make their lives here a little more comfortable.

Oxfam’s Esther Kabahuma tells me when the communities and families are asked for feedback and comment here on how their needs are being met, it is generally the men who answer the questions.

Emelina Dominguez, agricultural technician, 42, watering broccoli. Macala, Honduras. Credit:Gilvan Barreto/Oxfam
Blog channel: GROW

As we explore the elements of the new GROW campaign, we’re asking, where are the women?

Women who struggle daily to grow, process, sell, and cook food for their families are painfully aware that the current food system is failing millions of people. Women play a key role in feeding the world, but often it is them that are ignored and left short changed.


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