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A cautionary tale: Europe's bitter crisis of austerity and inequality
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By Winnie Byanyima and Sharan Burrow

Because of austerity, Europeans may have to live through the type of disastrous period experienced by Latin Americans, Asians and Africans in the 1980s and 1990s.

Europe's aggressive plans to balance the books by slashing public spending are proving to be a disaster. By ignoring mistakes from history, Europe risks repeating them. The most vulnerable people in Europe are facing an ‘austerity winter' that could last a generation.

How solar power is helping Syrian refugees
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For Syrian refugees in Jordan’s Zaatari camp, the sun’s light means safer nights.

Look closely at the photo above. Notice anything different about those lampposts? In fact, the lights in the background of the photo—which was taken in Jordan’s Zaatari refugee camp earlier this month—are actually solar-powered lamps installed by Oxfam to help improve residents’ safety.

Engineering change at Oxfam
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Uganda’s first female aeronautical engineer, Winnie Byanyima became executive director of Oxfam International in April 2013. According to Byanyima, her background as aeronautical engineer helped her develop strong analytical skills.

Prior to taking up her current role, she served as director of the UN

Program’s gender team and previously headed the African Union’s Directorate of Women, Gender and Development.

Oxfam’s To-Do List for President Obama's Africa Trip
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Over the next decade, more than $1 trillion in natural resources will be extracted from the African continent. Currently, Africa exports more than $300 billion a year in oil, gas and mineral exports—more than four times the amount of aid the continent receives. But that money is not building roads, schools and hospitals for Africa’s people. In fact, booming extractives industries often lead to more poverty and powerlessness. 

The Power of People Against Poverty
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I feel very privileged to have joined Oxfam International just as we adopt our new strategic plan, called “The Power of People against Poverty”. To me, that is the right way to think about the work of Oxfam and our partners around the world.

There are a billion poor people in the world today. And there will be 2 billion people in extreme poverty as the world population grows from 7 to 9 billion in the next generation. Oxfam invests in changing those odds on poverty. 


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