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We must make sure that G8 leaders end tax dodging for good
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Shocking new statistics released by Oxfam this week have shown that governments are letting people hide at least $18.5 trillion in offshore tax havens. Yes, you read that right: not $18.5 million, or even $18.5 billion, but $18.5 trillion!

If you think this is an outrage, share these graphics (below) with your friends online; or send them to your goverment's leader so they hear your voice.

In 2010, Africa’s oil, gas and mineral exports amounted to $333 billion. Photo: Rebecca Blackwell/Oxfam
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Several African countries are amongst today’s fastest growing economies in the world, boosted in many instances by new discoveries of oil, natural gas and strategic mineral reserves. Extreme poverty on the continent is in decline, and progress towards meeting the Millennium Development Goals has accelerated. A number of very poor African countries, including Malawi, Sierra Leone, and Ethiopia have made recent and substantial improvements in their levels of income equality.

The Post-2015 agenda: Keeping an eye on the have-mores
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On why the post-2015 agenda should include a goal to limit the negative characteristics of inequality. On how indicators of income concentration are better suited for this. One proposal that could be used is the Palma index despite some technical shortcomings.

The world of development wonks is abuzz with discussion about what to include in the post-2015 MDG framework. One of the areas that has gotten plenty of attention is the issue of inequality (although it didn’t feature prominently in the summary report of a recent meeting in Bali, but that’s another story).

World Social Forum 2013 in Tunis
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From 26th to 30th March, international civil society is meeting in Tunis for the 12th World Social Forum.

Two years since the Tunisian revolution, several Oxfam affiliates and our partners have mobilized for this WSF 2013 based on the theme of "dignity". On the program are exchanges of experience, democratic debate and agreement on the assertion that "another world is possible."

Unilever bottling plant, Vietnam.
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Oxfam has today published a groundbreaking report on labour rights in Unilever’s supply chain. It is groundbreaking not so much because of its content (although as the project’s technical advisor and co-author of the report, I do think we have some fascinating findings to present). No, it’s the fact that a company as large as Unilever is voluntarily opening up its operations, procedures and supply chain to an NGO known for its critical reports, investigating sensitive issues.


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