Happy International Women's Day - Oxfam Celebrating Women All Across the World

Today we are celebrating women. Women marching in the streets. Women challenging stereotypes and bias. Women setting trailblazing paths for others to follow. The ones who are leading civil society and women’s rights movements in the fight for rights, equality and to end violence against women and girls. And all the women and girls who are breaking barriers and creating a better world for all of us.

International Women’s Day is a key moment in year when to stop to reflect on how far we’ve come, to honor our wins and strengthen our resolve to keep pushing forward.

Oxfam staff around the world are marking the day by celebrating the women in our communities who are driving change. From Belgium to the DRC, and Pakistan to the US, from Russia to Colombia, to Myanmar and the Philippines, we are sharing their stories, celebrating their achievements and raising awareness on gender equality and the fight to end violence against women and girls.

The Changemakers

We are sharing the stories of Mariam, a plumber in Jordan who is breaking traditional gender barriers, Rose a young women from Nyal in South Sudan who dreams of being a pilot and is working hard at school to be a role model for others in her community, and 17-year-old Hadiqa Bashir who is fighting to end early and forced marriage in Pakistan.

In Bangladesh, Ethiopia, and Pakistan we are using the momentum of #IWD to highlight the unfair burden of carework on women and push for a #BalanceForBetter.

Our #iLabaYu campaign in the Philippines paints a heart-warming picture of the value of teamwork and shared responsibilities by couples doing care work - and has gone viral there!

Creating a World Free from Fear

Feminist illustrator Shehzil Malik has worked with us in Pakistan to reimagine what a world #FreeFromFear looks like, where women and girls can take a carefree walk down any street.

This brave new world, brought to life with bright colors and images of strong women is one where a woman’s place is everywhere.

Young Feminists Take the Mic

Young feminists are at the forefront of the movement to end violence against women and girls, and we are listening to them and learning from them.

Young women like Anju, a Dalit feminist from India, are demanding that we recognize the voices and leadership of youth from traditionally marginalized communities.

Young feminists are also paving the self-care path with their honest reflections, recognizing that self-care for women and girls is not self-indulgence but part of building resilience and self- preservation.

Today on International Women’s Day, we stand in solidarity with the women’s movement, we pause and reflect on how to be better feminists, we immerse ourselves in the stories of incredible women and girls, and we reignite the passion and resolve to keep fighting for a more a more equal world.

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Oxfam's Guide to Feminist Influencing is designed to help Oxfam staff apply feminist principles and practices - “putting women’s rights at the heart of all we do” - to all our campaigning, policy, advocacy and influencing work.

This entry posted on 8 March 2019, by Michelle D'cruz, Oxfam Gender Media Officer.

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