Inspiration from the streets: Young people are leading the fight for climate action

Climate change is already devastating the lives of millions of people around the globe. It’s hitting the poorest people first and worst, with women bearing the brunt. Yet governments are still slow and shy in their response to this global issue. But recently, people, lead mostly by youth, have taken to the streets!

Recent demonstrations were sparked by Greta Thunberg, a teenage girl from Sweden, and her courage has since caught the imagination of young people worldwide. It is a mighty demonstration of the power and creativity of young people.

It’s clear that in the fight against climate crisis and for a more equal world, we have lots of work to do.

And to keep motivated, there’s no better inspiration than the banners and placards of the generation that can and will make a huge difference. It was impossible to choose just 10. So, here’s 13 of our favorite Climate Strike banners:

  1. A message from a pasta-lover in Italy that we can get on board with: “Less carbon, more carbonara”:
  2. Over in Lille, France, protestors complained that “If the climate was a bank, it would have been saved already”:
  3. In Australia, protestors drew inspiration from Elvis Presley, updating his lyrics for 2019:
  4. In Vanuatu, a small Pacific island nation already dealing with the impacts of climate change, students reminded us that “There is no planet B”:
  5. Students in Delhi, India said that it wasn’t them who needed to go to school – it was adults:
  6. In Cape Town, South Africa, students made a beautiful array of banners and placards, including a reminder that “denial is not a policy”:
  7. Despite attempts to shut down their protest, Ugandan students went ahead with a strong and clear ask for climate action:
  8. This student in Nepal only needed a small sign for her big message:
  9. Divers in the Philippines took their message of support to the very depths of the ocean:
  10. Schoolgirls in Bargny, Senegal said “No to inaction on climate!”:
  11. In the face of inaction and indifference to climate change, students in Jakarta, Indonesia came with a warning:
  12. These schoolgirls in Birmingham, UK thought we could learn something from the previous inhabitants of the earth:
  13. And finally, a reminder from Brussels, Belgium of why we were all in the streets in the first place: it’s time to do something:


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