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El ministro de Medio Ambiente de Indonesia, Ramat Witoelar, ha reunido a Ari Margiono de Oxfam Internacional y al compositor Nugie a Yakarta para lanzar oficialmente la canción “Dunia Berbagilah” (Mundo, compartamos).

La canción ha sido escrita por Nugie, el músico indonesio reconocido internacionalmente, y ha sido interpretada por “La Voces Unidas de Indonesia”, una selección excepcional e inédita de los 50 mejores intérpretes, músicos y artistas de Indonesia.

Nugie escribió la canción porque querí

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Los desastres naturales se han cuadriplicado en las últimas dos décadas pasando de una media de 120 por año a principios de los 80 a unos 500 en la actualidad. Nuestro nuevo informe “Alarma Climática: aumentan los desastres a medida que el cambio climático se hace sentir” se refiere a la forma en que la pobreza y la impotencia vuelven más vulnerable a las comunidades frente a los impactos de un clima cambiante y acentúa la necesidad de mitigar, adaptar, reducir el riesgo y mejorar los sistemas de asis

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by Avinash Kumar, Oxfam’s For All campaign team, India


The event is over but the campaign has just begun…

As the stress and excitement of the day wears off I am slipping into a leisurely stupor! But there are still some slightly frenzied recollections of the day floating through my head.

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So we are about to pack up the office and head home, and to be honest I am feeling pretty blue after the final G8 announcements today. Despite your efforts, and despite the efforts of people here in Germany, this year’s G8 was a missed opportunity.

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Hi there. This is the first Oxfam group blog from your favourite G8 Big Heads. Unlike the real G8, we have managed to get our official position together pretty quickly. The concert yesterday rocked!

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The G8 yesterday announced their agreement on climate change. And while it has the appearance of success, we here at Oxfam still have issues about what they’ve agreed. I’ve only been working on climate change for a few months, but what I do know is that it’s already hitting people in developing countries first and worst. And without adequate money and the proper support systems to deal with the problem, these people will carry on suffering and it will only get worse – more droughts, more floods, more famine. More poverty.


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