Our future under the hammer

With a stroke of a hammer the climate change talks were over – two weeks of intense negotiations for… for what actually?

Maybe it was the lack of fresh air in the conference centre but, more probably the lack of political will in capitals which meant a failure of delegates to make any real progress at the climate change talks in Bonn. While outside the weather has been stormy, inside the atmosphere was rather suffocating. This kind of inaction will not ensure a safe and just future for us and the generations to come. Instead, continuing down this path, we will be ‘facing catastrophic climate change’, as Julie-Anne Richards from Oxfam Australia pointed out at a press conference today.

Tuvalu is a case in point. In the closing session in the plenary its delegate congratulated Yvo de Boer, General Secretary of the UNFCCC, for his birthday today. Tuvalu’s own number of birthdays are clearly numbered as delegates here at the international climate change negotiations have failed to prepare the way for ensuring a fair and equitable deal in Copenhagen.

This makes me think of a Johnny Cash song: Five feet high and risin'

" Well, the rails are washed out north of town, We gotta head for higher ground, We can't come back till the water comes down, Five feet high and risin' "

Next time the negotiators meet, we must ensure that negotiations move on and that our future is not auctioned away, just like that with a stroke of a hammer. Five feet high and rising…

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