Comfort was able to access Ghana's free healthcare facilites. Photo: Abbie Trayler-Smith/Panos

Blog: Universal Health Coverage: key to the success of the World Bank’s new vision

"We must be the generation that delivers universal health coverage.” – WBG President Jim Yong Kim in a speech to the World Health Assembly, May 2013

Family leaving Alep after bombing, in Syria. Photo: Pablo Tosco

Blog: Syria: the world must unite

There are promises and promises, but we get nothing, Fatima, a refugee from Syria, told one of my colleagues in Lebanon last week. Her counterparts in Jordan where I was visiting tell a very similar story. They call for more aid for those who have fled Syria of course – but also for something to be done for the millions left behind in their country’s vicious conflict.

Member of Dilokata farmers group in her garden in Bito village, Uganda. Photo: Oxfam

Blog: Day 8: The Future is Already Here

The future has arrived, it’s just not at the scale required. The spread of bottom-up approaches to farmer innovation, coupled with breakthrough technology developed by input companies, will make smallholders productive and profitable. Crucially, new technologies must be accessible, appropriate and affordable.

By Kavita Prakash-Mani, Head of Food Security Agenda, Syngenta International

Young women in Senegal

Blog: Day 6: Gender Equality: It’s smart and it’s right

While farming is increasingly reliant on women’s labour, women’s lack of secure land tenure severely limits their influence over farming decisions. Closing the gender gap in land rights would increase productivity and total output. And it would help women exercise their rights as citizens.

By Madiodio Niasse, Secretariat Director, International Land Coalition (ILC) 

Two young students in Benin

Blog: Day 5: My daughter wants to be a farmer

Many and varied are the challenges we Nigerian women farmers face, from lack of land to uncertain markets to the daily burden of maintaining the household. Working as day labourers brings its own uncertainties. No wonder a future in agriculture is unattractive to Nigerian youth.

By Susan Godwin, Nigerian Farmer

Marie-Carole se tient devant sa nouvelle épicerie. Photo : Kateryna Perus/Oxfam

Blog: Haiti : Une année dans la vie de Marie-Carole Boucicaut

Pendant une année, nous avons suivi Marie-Carole Boucicaut, dont la petite épicerie située à Port-au-Prince, capitale de Haïti, a été détruite par le séisme de janvier 2010. Avec l'aide d'Oxfam et une volonté indéfectible, elle a réussi à se remettre en selle.

Marie Carole stands in front of her shop. Credit: Kateryna Perus/Oxfam

Blog: Haiti: A year in the life of Marie Carole Boucicaut

We met Marie Carole Boucicaut one year ago, after her Port-au-Prince grocery store was destroyed in the January 2010 earthquake. Thanks to her strong spirit, and support from Oxfam, she’s now back on her feet.

Blog: World Water Day – The World’s Longest Toilet Queue

Where I live, we take water for granted. It falls out of the sky at more than regular intervals and I don’t have a clue what I’d do if I turned on the tap or flushed the toilet and nothing happened. In most places around the world, people buy bottles of water without even thinking about where it came from. As World Water Day is next week, I’ve been thinking about the fact that this makes us extremely lucky.

Blog: Deux pays, deux systèmes de santé...

Dorothy N'goma est la directrice exécutive de l'Organisation nationale des infirmières et sages-femmes du Malawi. Elle soutient Oxfam et voyage à travers l'Europe pour sensibiliser les populations à la cause du Malawi, qui a besoin d'une assistance plus importante et plus efficace afin d'améliorer les services de santé pour les mères, les enfants et les familles vivant dans la pauvreté. Elle tient aussi un blog dans lequel elle analyse ses expériences en Europe et dans son pays.

Blog: A tale of two health care systems

Dorothy N'goma is Executive Director of the National Organization of Nurses and Midwives of Malawi. She is an Oxfam champion and is travelling around Europe to raise awareness of the need for more and better aid to support Malawi to improve health services for mothers, children and families living in poverty. In her blog she reflects on her experiences in Europe and from home.


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