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Les Grosses Têtes d'Oxfam cherchent une voie pour le climat, au lendemain du fiasco de Varsovie. Photo : Al Kinley/Oxfam

Blog: Nous avons besoin de vous pour dire à nos responsables politiques de changer de cap pour le climat

Combien de personnes faut-il pour sauver un accord mondial sur le climat ? Beaucoup. En fait, nous ne pourrons y parvenir qu’avec une mobilisation massive de citoyennes et citoyens comme vous. Et c’est le moment d’agir !

The Oxfam Big Heads wonder which climate road to follow after the Warsaw fiasco. Photo: Al Kinley/Oxfam

Blog: We need you: Tell world leaders to change direction for the climate

How many people does it take to rescue a global climate deal? Lots. In fact, we can only do it with massive public pressure from people like you. And the time is now.

The latest round of UN discussions trying to solve the massive issue of climate change ended today. Sadly, this year’s negotiations, in Warsaw, Poland, were something of a farce. As Oxfam’s Executive Director Winnie Byanyima said:

COP 19/ CMP 9 president Marcin Korolec briefs the press. Photo: UN Climate Change

Blog: Warsaw: What is it good for? Poland’s role in the climate change talks

I just arrived in Warsaw, joining the Oxfam team that must already be part exhausted by the first three days of the climate change talks here.

Le G20, c’est pas du cinéma ! Foto: Delphine Bedel/Oxfam France

Blog: À court d’argent, les dirigeants du G20 mettent à l’essai des « financements innovants »

L’année dernière à Séoul, les dirigeants du G20 ont pris un engagement ambitieux sous la forme du « Consensus de Séoul sur le développement et la croissance partagés ». Cette semaine à Cannes, l’effondrement de la finance internationale et la crise de la Zone Euro devraient dominer l’ordre du jour.

Le G20, c’est pas du cinéma !

Blog: G20 à Cannes, c’est pas du cinéma !

Le sommet du G20 à Cannes a beau avoir son lot de journalistes, photographes, tapis rouges et  mises en scènes, il ne s’agit pas d’un film. C’est pour envoyer ce messages aux chefs d’Etats que des militants d’Oxfam ont pris la pause sous les traits de Nicolas Sarkozy, Barack Obama, Angela Merkel, Dilma Rousseff et d’autres de leurs homologues, ce matin, sur les marches du Petit palais à Paris. Une répétition générale en costumes, avec paillettes, maquillage et musique.


Oxfam activists dressed as G20 leaders at the Petit Palais in Paris for a dress rehearsal for Cannes, with a clear message.

Blog: Cannes G20: It’s no movie!

The G20 Summit in Cannes may have lots of media, photographers, and big scenes, but it’s no movie. To send that message to world leaders, Oxfam activists posed as Nicolas Sarkozy, Barack Obama, Angela Merkel, Dilma Rousseff, and other counterparts gathered on the steps of the Petit Palais in Paris for a “dress rehearsal” scene complete with glitter, make-up and music.

Blog: An idea that could save lives

Continuing with the theme of covering some of the 'hot topics' at this week's Cancun climate summit, I wanted to delve into an issue that Oxfam is hoping to see progress on during the coming week or so – international climate finance. Not the most inspiringly named topic, I know. But stick with me now – it's not as dry as it sounds.

If you were to break down Oxfam's climate change campaign (and I'm probably going to upset some of my colleagues in the policy team by simplifying the issue like this), it could roughly be separated into two demands.

Blog: Bringing Robin Hood to the 21st Century

Ever wanted to become a Merry (Wo)Man and help to fight poverty and climate change? Well now you can, by grabbing a green mask and supporting the Robin Hood Tax – which is called the tax against poverty in Germany and known to economists as a ‘Financial Transaction Tax’.

Oxfam “big heads”,portraying Europe’s attempt to raid overseas aid to pay for its climate debt, a major concern for developing countries ahead of Copenhagen.Credit: Oxfam

Blog: Climate change needs a finance chest of its own

Yes you’re right, this is the health and education for all blog but let’s think about climate change for a minute…after all the Copenhagen climate summit is happening right now…

Blog: China and Climate Change – 5 Facts

The environmental impact of China is significant: It has a large population, huge reserves of coal, a fast-growing economy – and is not bound to international greenhouse gas emissions targets.

Yet, before anyone puts the blame for climate change on China we need to put some things into perspective. Oxfam Hong Kong has compiled some key facts on China and climate change.


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