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"Saving for Change" group meeting in Tra Paing Thnan village, Kampot province, Cambodia. Photo: Patrick Brown/ Oxfam America

Blog: Effective development aid through blended finance? Proceed with care.

Governments, civil society, and the private sector push to improve development cooperation to end poverty and deliver the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Oxfam is working with a local partner, the Horn of Africa Voluntary Youth Committee to help agro-pastoralist communities prepare for and cope with drought. Photo: Petterik Wiggers/Oxfam

Blog: Inspiring the world’s humanity by working with national actors in Somalia

Each year, 19 August the world marks World Humanitarian Day to honor and recognize those who have dedicated their lives to improve humanity. Each day, humanitarian workers risk their lives and sometimes lose it towards their efforts of giving aid to the most vulnerable people around the world.

Are the Mexico City High-Level Meetings on aid neglecting inclusive development and accountability?

Blog: Are the Mexico City High-Level Meetings on aid neglecting inclusive development and accountability?

In the current discussions around this week’s first High-Level Meeting of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation, transparency, accountability, and inclusion are not being sufficiently integrated.

Tariq Sayed Ahmad is a Researcher with the Aid Effectiveness Team at Oxfam America.

Screenshot of the Global Humanitarian Assistance interactive guide

Blog: All stations to aid: Global Humanitarian Assistance’s new interactive guide

I’m quite a fan of the Global Humanitarian Assistance reports produced every year by the Development Initiatives think tank. They combine invaluable data on funding with thoughtful commentary on what is and is not changing in the humanitarian world. So I was pretty excited to see last week that they’ve launched a new ‘interactive guide to humanitarian financing’.

Oxfam's partner ALDEF delivers WFP food to Jowhar village, Wajir. Photo: Anna Ridout/Oxfam

Blog: From Kenya to Washington: Who's to blame for wasted food aid?

Abdoulai Mohamed is a 60-year-old small businessman in Turkana, Kenya. Abdoulai did not follow the traditional pastoralist way of life as generations of his family had done before. Instead, he took out a loan and set up one of the first shops in his community, selling basic food staples like corn and flour.

Photo of the panel at the Busan Aid Effectiveness Forum side event

Blog: Busan Aid Effectiveness Forum: A win for poor people?

Busan, Korea, was the site of a furious, hectic negotiation last month over how to make aid work better. Oxfam was there, among numerous civil society allies, fighting to make sure the interests of poor people were part of this conversation. Since my return from Busan, people have been asking, “was Busan a win for poor people?” The answer depends a lot on what we as advocates can do with the outcome.

Oxfam stunt in Busan, South Korea. Photo: Oxfam

Blog: Busan Forum: Aid promises come tumbling down

This blog has been written by Sanda van Damm (Oxfam Novib) and Jennifer Martin (Oxfam Great Britain), campaigners at the Fourth High Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Busan.

It is early in the morning on 29 November in the seaside city Busan, South Korea, when a large colorful tower of building blocks arises on Busan Exhibition & Convention Cente (BEXCO) square.

Blog: Aid works

Last month the W8 met with leaders of some of the G8 countries, bringing the voices of their communities and the need to meet the Millennium Development Goals, to a global audience. Here Dorothy Ngomo, Executive Director of the National Organization of Nurses and Midwives of Malawi and W8 member, dispels some of the common myths about aid.

Oxfam is working with partner the Malawi Health Equity Network to ensure the government funds healthcare systems in Malawi. Thyolo community event, where nearly 3,000 people attended. Three aspiring MPs signed our pledge. Credit: Oxfam

Blog: What do the President of Malawi, 65 aspiring Malawian MPs and two Big Brother contestants have in common?

Malawi has its fourth democratic elections today (19th of May) and election fever is in full swing. They may not be as high profile as recent elections in the South Africa and India (not to mention the United States) but they have the potential to increase access to medicines in the country and help stop these ‘stock-outs.’ 

Blog: After the horse-trading….

The term horse trading is an Americanism that dates back to early 19th century and refers to intricacies of assessing, bargaining and trading of horses. Apparently one had to be a shrewd dealer in order to obtain the best horse for the best price or vice versa.


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