Oxfam staff and volunteers march peacefully in the People First! Rally in Toronto on June 26, 2010. Credit: Oxfam

Blog: People First! 10,000 activists march for social justice

In a powerful display of civil society solidarity yesterday, ten thousand people took to the streets of Toronto to call on G20 leaders to end poverty, tackle global warming and create a global economy that's fair for all of us.

Maid Merkel and Prince Sarkozy make a commitment to the Robin Hood Tax on a sunny morning in Toronto. Credit: Kelvin Abong

Blog: A wedding for the masses

The Oxfam team pulled off the final stunt of the G8/G20 Summits today without a hitch. In the heart of downtown Toronto, merry men and women from across the land gathered to witness a historical union – the wedding of Chancellor Merkel of Germany and President Sarkozy of France.

La canciller alemana Merkel y el presidente Sarkozy prometen defender el impuesto Robin Hood ante el G20.  Autor: Kelvin Abong

Blog: Una boda para las masas

El equipo de Oxfam organizó hoy el acto de calle final de las cumbres del G8/G20 sin ningún percance. Mujeres y hombres de todas edades y condiciones se reunieron en el centro de Toronto para presenciar una unión histórica: la boda de la Canciller Merkel de Alemania y el Presidente Sarkozy de Francia.

Blog: G8 leaders meeting in Toronto managed to live down to my worst expectations

I arrived at the G8 by a roundabout route. Just a day earlier, I was standing in Dandora, a toxic tip on the edge of Nairobi where little girls as young as five-years-old live on a mound composed of toxic and human waste. They survive by competing with wild pigs for scraps of rubbish, forced to sell their bodies to get access to the richest pickings.

Blog: Bill Nighy interviews the G8 leaders one-on-one in Huntsville, Ontario

Celebrity Bill Nighy travelled to Huntsville, Ontario to ask the G8 leaders hard hitting questions about what they plan on delivering a this year’s Summit. The interviews took place at the Secluded Bed and Breakfast just on the outskirts of town, which provided an intimate setting and a unique chance to get up close and personal with the world leaders.

Blog: Smoke and Mirrors Won’t Save Lives

As Oxfam team gets ready to leave our new friendly home in Huntsville, and with the G8 leaders are rolling into town, we just got the word that an announcement on funding for maternal mortality has been made (strange since they haven’t even started meetings yet…). What seems like a positive message on the surface in fact could spell disaster for millions of poor people.

Blog: The naked truth revealed today in Huntsville, Canada

The truth about the G8 leaders was revealed today in Huntsville. Although maternal health is touted as being a priority at this year’s Summit, the reality is that 350,000 women continue to die each year in childbirth. Over the two days of Summit negotiations, another 2.000 women and girls will die unnecessarily.

Oxfam's G8 leaders Big Heads in Bonn, Germany. Credit: Oxfam

Blog: The G8 have failed to Make Poverty History – now is their second chance

Five years ago Oxfam was part of the biggest ever anti-poverty movement that came together under the banner of Make Poverty History. The campaign had a list of ambitious – but realistic – demands to deliver ‘More and Better Aid’, ‘Trade Justice’, and to ‘Drop the Debt’.

Blog: Don’t Drop the Ball on Aid

I love football. I also love working for Oxfam. They’re two of my major passions in life and I can be quite geeky about them. Although being able to name Everton’s championship winning side of the 80’s means I’m a bit more of a football geek. Football (or soccer, for you USA fans) connects people all around the world but there just isn’t that much opportunity to use it in my work.

Blog: Objectifs du Millénaire: 40 ans de promesses non tenues... 40 jours pour se faire entendre !

Je suis née en 1970, l'année où les Beatles ont annoncé leur séparation, l'année suivant le premier pas de l'homme sur la lune..


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