Graphic: It's easier to trade in guns than bananas.

Blog: Control Arms: sign up to support a bulletproof Arms Trade Treaty

Every year, millions of people worldwide are killed, injured, raped and repressed because of a poorly regulated arms trade that fuels human rights abuses, conflict and poverty.

It’s time to act. It’s an appalling joke that bananas are more tightly regulated than guns. That’s why we are demanding that governments agree to a bulletproof Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) that protects everyone.

Malian soldiers take position in the northeastern Malian town of Kidal 28 May 2006. AFP PHOTO / KAMBOU SIA

Blog: What impact would an Arms Trade Treaty have on the conflict and food crisis in Mali?

The growing food crisis provoked by drought in the Sahel is affecting millions of people. This crisis has been deepened by the conflict in Mali sparked by the proliferation of arms from Libya in the wake of the fall of Colonel Gadhafi. Some 200,000 Malians have fled from the fighting, which engulfed the whole of Northern Mali from January to March this year.

Control arms campaign, Hope for Peace monument, Beirut, Lebanon

Blog: Arms Trade Treaty: Arab NGOs launch their campaign in Beirut

Rima Chemirik, Advocacy Officer for the Treaty on the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) of Oxfam France, has recently been in Lebanon to attend the launch of the regional campaign for the ATT.

It is always a pleasure to come back to Lebanon, the Land of Cedars. Not just for lemonade with mint or the delicious mezze, but also for the joy of living that remains here, despite the painful past that has resulted in so many dead, wounded, displaced persons and other victims.*

The UN votes on the Arms Trade Treaty in 2006.

Blog: 100 days before the Arms Trade Treaty talks – the state of play

One hundred days from now, the 193 member states of the United Nations will gather in New York for a month-long negotiating conference to agree the first ever international treaty to regulate the arms trade.

You can help by signing the global Control Arms petition calling on your government to do everything it can to agree a robust, bulletproof Arms Trade Treaty in July 2012.

Control Arms campaigners. Credit: Fred Lubang/Control Arms

Blog: Last bend before the homestretch for the Arms Trade Treaty

Six years ago Oxfam celebrated a campaign victory when the UN voted to start work on an Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). So why, you may ask, am I at the UN campaigning for an ATT this week? The short answer is that ‘things take time, especially at the UN’.

Show some love for the Arms Trade Treaty

Blog: Showing some love for the Arms Trade Treaty

Valentines Day at the Prep Com (the Arms Trade Treaty Preparatory Committee) – a perfect excuse to do some sort of campaigning activity at the UN.  Our message to the diplomats this morning as they entered the room was a very simple one:

Blog: Tratado sobre el Comercio de Armas: acabemos lo que empezamos

Tenía diez años cuando participé en mi primera protesta. Desde entonces he participado en campañas contra la pobreza y la guerra y a favor de los derechos humanos y la dignidad. He formado parte de una cadena humana para la condonación de la deuda de los países pobres. He participado en una carrera por el Congo. Me he manifestado contra la violencia de género y para detener el caos climático.

Blog: Arms Trade Treaty: Let's finish what we started

I was 10 when I joined my first protest. Since then I have been campaigning against poverty and war, and for human rights and dignity. I have been part of a human chain to cancel poor countries’ debt, I have run for Congo, I have marched against violence against women and I have marched to stop climate chaos.

Laskamy, de 17años y de Laos, perdió un ojo, su mano derecha y 3 dedos por una bomba de racimo.

Blog: “He presenciado el daño causado por el mal uso de las armas”

En julio, delegaciones de todo el mundo se reunieron en Nueva York para discutir los detalles de un futuro Tratado sobre el Comercio de Armas (ATT en inglés), que servirá para regular el comercio de armas convencionales.

Ema Tagicakibau, miembro de la campaña ATT de Fiyi, explica lo que este tratado significa para ella y las razones que la hicieron venir a Nueva York para apoyar la región del Pacífico.

Laskamy – age 17, from Laos – lost his right eye, right hand, and 3 fingers when he unknowingly picked up a live cluster munition. © Tracie Williams/CMC

Blog: I have seen the harm that the misuse of arms has done

In July, delegates from across the world met in New York to discuss the details of an arms trade treaty (ATT) – a future treaty that would regulate the trade in conventional arms.

Ema Tagicakibau, a long time ATT campaigner from Fiji, on what the arms trade treaty means for her and why she travelled all the way to New York to advocate for the Pacific region.


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