Communities affected by the floods in Assam, India. Photo: Oxfam India

Blog: What to watch for at the UN’s climate change conference, COP23 in Bonn

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Le retard tue – 10 lettres requièrent une action urgente lors des réunions des délégations sur le changement climatique. Crédits: Robert van Walden.

Blog: Le retard tue - 10 lettres rouges s’emparent de la plénière.

10 lettres rouges s’emparent de la plénière. 10 lettres adressant un message clair et simple aux délégations qui discutent en ce moment même du changement climatique. 10 lettres rouges formant la phrase : « LE RETARD TUE » (DELAY KILLS)

El eslogan de Oxfam en el plenario de Naciones Unidas en Bonn. Autor: Robert van Walden.

Blog: El retraso mata: el eslogan que conquistó el plenario

El eslogan tomó el plenario. Un eslogan claro y conciso para los delegados de Naciones Unidas en la Reunión Internacional de Cambio Climático en Bonn. Diez letras rojas que afirman: 'DELAY KILLS' ("El retraso mata" en sus traducción inglesa).

The Chairperson's hammer at the plenary of the UNFCCC in Bonn

Blog: Our future under the hammer

With a stroke of a hammer the climate change talks were over – two weeks of intense negotiations for… for what actually?

Grace from Kenya - one of the speakers at the tcktcktck climate hearing in Bonn

Blog: People matter

The usually sleepy climate negotiations were given a wake up alarm call today by a wailing siren outside the conference centre. It was an NGO stunt involving two trucks and two very loud air raid sirens, each enclosed in a locked cage. To turn the sirens off, the police had to cut their way through each metal cage to reach the machinery and arrest the protesters.

Oxfam campaigners highlight need for urgent action as delegates meet at international climate talks. Credits: Robert van Walden.

Blog: Delay kills - Ten red letters conquer the plenary

Ten red letters took over the plenary. Ten red letters spelling out a simple and clear message to the delegates at the International Climate Change talks. Ten red letters stating: 'DELAY KILLS'.

Blog: Commitment needed

On their way to the plenary delegates at the UN climate talks here in Bonn, pass by a ragged bear holding up a sign: 'No coins, it's change I need.' It is a silent protest. If we would hold a minutes silence for each of the death caused by climate change, we would not be uttering a word for the next 180 days and even longer.

Blog: Keep the pressure up…

Today the Executive Secretary Yvo de Boer met with observer organisations to answers their questions.

The exclamation mark made by climate activists at UN talks in Bonn. Credit: van Waarden / Spectral Q

Blog: The world's biggest exclamation mark and I was part of it

It was an aerial photo made by more than 400 volunteers who braved heavy rain to send out their message to the world.

The areal image was possible thanks to white boiler suits that were provided by the tck tck tck campaign. The passionate activists included members of NGOs from all over the world as well as local participants. 

We all lay down in a park near the climate negotiations meeting, using our bodies to spell out the words "Yes You Can".

Blog: How old will you be in 2050?

This was asked by one of the international youth in the first negotiations in Bonn last March.

See what the Chair of one of the sessions had to answer:



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