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G8 attempts to fix broken promises with Private Sector partnership. Photo: Oxfam

Blog: Will the UK re-set the bar at next year’s G8 Summit?

As part of Oxfam’s G8 team in Washington, DC last week, I had the chance to return to my native country with a new perspective.

The world's farmers work hard to put food on the table. Now it's your turn.

Blog: G8 Leaders Hear it from Oxfam

As the G8 Summit comes to a close, we’ve got a bit of a surprise twist in the outcome. There was more movement on food security than we expected and day one of the summit was focused almost solely on that issue, a rarity in recent G8 history. The increased focus was due in part to the stirring outcry from anti-hunger and poverty activists all over the world. Thanks to the publics' countless emails and tweets to the US administration, President Obama put food security at the center of the discussion on Day One.

G8 leaders attempt to bandage their broken promises with the private sector.

Blog: Overheard at Day One of the G8 Summit

Early this morning as high-level guests arrived at the Reagan Building for US President Barack Obama's keynote speech at the Chicago Council Symposium, there were distractions of every kind to be found. Vibrant chants from large groups of protesters lined the streets. But perhaps the most important messages of the day were those that were not quite so loud.

G8 Leaders looking a bit lost on the trail to food security

Blog: On the way to Camp David, will G8 leaders get lost?

This afternoon, G8 Leaders made a surprise appearance for the 2012 G8 Summit, taking the usual White House bystanders by surprise.

African Countries have a plan to end hunger. The G8 needs to stick to that plan.

Blog: Calling on the G8 to Stick to Africa's Plans

Tomorrow, G8 leaders plan to launch a ‘New Alliance to Increase Food and Nutrition Security’ at Camp David in the United States. I’m here from Oxfam’s office in Senegal, where I lead our GROW advocacy efforts in African countries, to bring the perspectives of our partners to G8 leaders.

The G8 is on the trail to food security this week. How will we know if they get there?

Blog: The G8 is on the trail to food security this week. How will we know if they get there?

Porter McConnell is the Oxfam policy lead for the G8 Camp David summit.

This Friday, G8 leaders are making a big announcement on food security. We expect the launching of a new initiative.  Past summits haven’t always had development on the agenda, and the US hosts deserve credit for making sure food security is front and center. Now that the G8 is on the trail to food security, how will we know if they get there?

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