La empresa argentina Pluspetrol en la región Loreto (Perú). Foto: Radio Programas del Perú (RPP)

Blog: Materias primas y desigualdad en América Latina

La semana pasada el pánico gobernó las bolsas de valores en todo el mundo, debido al impacto que genero la caída de la bolsa de Shangai (China) que cayó 8.5% el mayor pico desde el 2007.

Women challenging gender discrimination and violence in rural China. Photo: Oxfam

Blog: The women challenging gender discrimination and violence in rural China

Although women’s rights and gender equality are written in the constitutions and laws in China, discrimination against women is still prevalent in rural villages. Jing Xiufang and members of a rural women’s grassroots organization are helping to change this.

The UN negotiations help give developing countries - who are often cut out of other decision making processes - a voice.

Blog: Beyond the US vs. China

From 29 November until 12 December, Richard Casson will be blogging from the United Nation climate summit in Cancun, Mexico.  Read his other entries here.

As a 'newbie' to United Nations summits (I've never been to one of these conferences before) I was advised yesterday morning to take an hour to attend the opening ceremony.

Lo más probable es que la próxima Conferencia en Cancún sirva para resolver 'tecnicismos' claves.

Blog: Que el clima nos excuse

El pasado sábado terminó la ronda de negociaciones sobre cambio climático que Naciones Unidas ha celebrado en Tianjin, China.

Blog: Comment redresser deux torts…

Dans les couloirs des négociations internationales sur les changements climatiques, il est facile d’oublier la nécessité d’actions urgentes et ambitieuses. Pourtant, cette année, tout autour du globe, des populations ont connu l’enfer. 

International media at UN Climate talks, Tianjin, China. Photo: Oxfam

Blog: Global climate talks start in Tianjin, China

Hi, I’m Thomas, Media Officer for Oxfam Hong Kong. I am at the UN Climate Change Conference in Tianjin this week to cover the next stage of the international climate negotiations. I will be working with international media outlets on behalf of Oxfam, telling them what Oxfam is advocating in terms of Climate Change. Oxfam's message is very simple: Climate Changes Kills.

Blog: China and Climate Change – 5 Facts

The environmental impact of China is significant: It has a large population, huge reserves of coal, a fast-growing economy – and is not bound to international greenhouse gas emissions targets.

Yet, before anyone puts the blame for climate change on China we need to put some things into perspective. Oxfam Hong Kong has compiled some key facts on China and climate change.

Blog: Getting the voices of those impacted by climate change heard in Bali.

Sahba Chauhan has been busy for the past two weeks liaising with partner organizations in developing countries that Oxfam works with. I caught up with Sahba, at the conference on its second last day, to find out more about what she and our partners have been doing here in Bali.

Karina - Why is it important to have organisations from Least Developed and Developing countries here at this conference?

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