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Blog: Au cœur d’un moment historique : le vote en direct de la nouvelle Constitution tunisienne

Les premières élections démocratiques et transparentes en Tunisie du 23 octobre 2011 ont institué l’Assemblée nationale constituante (ANC) chargée de rédiger la nouvelle Constitution en une année. Après quatre brouillons et deux longues années de commissions et de tensions, l’ANC finira par voter la nouvelle loi fondamentale tunisienne en janvier 2014.

Credit: ©Al Bawsala

Blog: At the heart of an historic moment: the new Tunisian Constitution is ratified

In January 2014, following four drafts and two years of commissions and tension, the National Constituent Assembly (NCA) of Tunisia ratified its new Constitution. The NCA was instituted by Tunisia’s first open and democratic elections which took place on October 23, 2011. It was charged with drafting the new Constitution within a year.

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Blog: Women's participation in politics in Haiti: many reasons for the struggle

“Why… Why fight such a painful battle if at the end of the day I can bring no real change to the lives of my fellow citizens?”

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