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Nyirahabimana says her biggest concern is sanitation. Photo: Janna Hamilton/Oxfam

Blog: Collecting water – a child’s burden: DRC refugees in Uganda

As conflict in eastern DRC has worsened in the past few months, people continue to flee across the border to Uganda. Oxfam is delivering clean water and sanitation in the Rwamwanja camp, now home to upwards of 25,000 refugees.

Blog: DRC: Promoting hygiene behind the (prison) walls

I’ve often had to document Oxfam’s hygiene promotion activities in communities, schools, markets and other public places. But never a prison. Until now.

This rickety wooden bridge is now the only means of crossing the river for the people of upper Swat. Credit: Qasim Berech/Oxfam

Blog: Pakistan floods: Delivering aid by foot to Upper Swat Valley

Qasim Berech, 30, is a public health expert with Oxfam in Pakistan. He travelled to Upper Swat on 16 August.

People in Upper Swat Valley have been living in a nightmare since the floods began. They've been almost completely cut off from the rest of the country. For hundreds of thousands of people, helicopter drops have been the only way to get aid since the waters started to rise.


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