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Blog: How old will you be in 2050?

This was asked by one of the international youth in the first negotiations in Bonn last March.

See what the Chair of one of the sessions had to answer:


Plenaries vs cafeterias: where are the decisions really made?. Credit: Ainhoa Goma/Oxfam

Blog: Bartender: please, bring me a beer and a new protocol

Behind the paraphernalia of a United Nations International meeting, remains the harsh reality of the negotiations: little is decided in the long and boring plenary sessions, rather key discussions happen in front of a coffee – or a beerin between hours. 

Blog: In tracker’s shoes

Zoë is adopting. Adopting a full grown-up UN negotiator for the next 6 months. Her job is to track the Canadian UN representatives in the climate change negotiations and make sure what they do is relayed to her fellow citizens through their site and other blogsites.

The Australian, Canadian and Icelandic representatives with their awards. Credit: Ainhoa Goma/Oxfam

Blog: And the Fossil of the Day goes to...

The first plenary session started today with no news. Well, maybe there was, but most of us were just lost with figures, percentages of emission reductions for this year against that year, together with other incomprehensible negotiations. Luckily for me, some policy experts made it easy for the rest of us: with a great award to recognize those who are best at being the worst.

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