Blog: Hungry for climate action: climate conference begins in Durban

The United Nations have unpacked the bunting and draped the decorations around Durban, South Africa, for the next round of climate negotiations, COP17. Leaders, policy experts, delegates, caravanites, photo exhibitions, puppets, the world’s media and all manner of colorful characters have arrived to get their teeth into securing progress in the fight against climate change.

Blog: “Act now on climate change” – youth spell it out to Commonwealth leaders

“Act now to avoid the worst impacts of climate change” was the message to more than fifty world leaders gathered in Perth, Australia for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) from October 28 – 30th.

On the second day of the meeting hundreds of  to read out a joint letter to Commonwealth leaders:

Oxfam's pre-G20 summit stunt reminded G20 leaders that the decisions they make at Cannes this week will affect people living in poverty around the world. Photo: Delphine Bedel/Oxfam France

Blog: Short on cash, G20 leaders try ‘Innovative Financing’ for size

Last year in Seoul, G20 leaders made an ambitious commitment to the “Seoul Development Consensus for Shared Growth.” This week in Cannes, the global financial meltdown and Eurozone crisis are likely to dominate.

Oxfam activists dressed as G20 leaders at the Petit Palais in Paris for a dress rehearsal for Cannes, with a clear message.

Blog: Cannes G20: It’s no movie!

The G20 Summit in Cannes may have lots of media, photographers, and big scenes, but it’s no movie. To send that message to world leaders, Oxfam activists posed as Nicolas Sarkozy, Barack Obama, Angela Merkel, Dilma Rousseff, and other counterparts gathered on the steps of the Petit Palais in Paris for a “dress rehearsal” scene complete with glitter, make-up and music.

Blog: Calling on you to #tweetG20

Blog: Angélique Kidjo: Our global food system is broken

I love food. There is nothing better than sitting down to a meal of Tchep bou djen, a Senegalese dish with fish, rice and vegetables.

Unfortunately I also know what it’s like to go without it. Hunger is no joke. It feels like there is a fire in your belly. I wouldn’t wish it on a single person. But close to 1 billion men, women and children – one in seven of us – are hungry today.

But there is no good reason why anyone should go hungry. The world can feed every single one of us. The problem is the way we grow and share food.

Blog: Verdict on G20 food summit? Dismal, please try harder

Agriculture is a hot potato (sorry!) in most countries’ domestic politics. Think rioting French farmers, US agribiz lobbies or the long death-by-agriculture of the WTO Doha round. So perhaps the most notable thing about the G20 agriculture ministers’ meeting that ended last week was that it took place at all - it was the first ever meeting of its kind. It shows just how globally important the topic of food prices and production have become.

Blog: 10 of the world's most popular foods – which have you eaten?

To coincide with the release of research on global attitudes to food, we’ve developed a little bit of fun – a tasters test based on 10 of the foods that emerged as strong favourites around the world in our research.

Fill the fund: Send your climate messages to the UN

Blog: Fill the fund: Send your climate messages to the UN

Help us ask the International Maritime Organisation to take bold action on climate change. Tweet your message to the IMO using #FilltheFund or post your comments below, and we’ll give the best messages to delegates meeting in March. 

Sugna tiene un bebé de 9 meses, tuvo que emigrar a las afueras de Jaipur, y trabaja en una obra de construcción.Foto:Ami Vitale

Blog: Tribunal Popular Nacional de la India: un paso importante para los más afectados por el cambio climático

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