Sugna has a 9 month old baby, had to migrate to the suburbs of Jaipur, works on a construction site. Photo: Ami Vitale/Oxfam

Blog: India People’s Tribunal – an important step for those at the sharp end of the changing climate

Last time I wrote was just before the India National People’s Tribunal on Climate change. After months of planning, it’s hard to believe that it took place over 10 days ago. Here’s how it went:

The morning of the Indian National Peoples Tribunal on Climate Crisis. At 08.30 the Indian Islamic Cultural Centre in the heart of New Delhi was quiet and calm. A lone figure mopped the floors near the auditorium. But apart from that, nothing moved.

A giant message in a bottle from millions of the world's poorest people washes up on a Cancun beach. Credit: Ainhoa Goma / Oxfam

Blog: UN climate talks ‘irrelevant’? Absolutely not, says Oxfam

It's getting late here in Cancun. The blazing sun has set on the Caribbean coast, and a weekend of briefings is drawing to close before the next round of UN climate change negotiations officially begins tomorrow.

Mamtaz Begum giving her testimony at the first Shadow Climate Tribunal, in Bangladesh.

Blog: Shadow Climate Tribunal in Bangladesh: Mamtaz Speaks

November 8th saw the world’s first Shadow Climate Tribunal held as part of Oxfam’s Campaign for Sustainable Rural Livelihoods in Bangladesh. Its aim was to show that climate change is, first and foremost, about human rights. Developed nations, as the main contributors to the carbon emissions that are warming our world, are in breach of international human rights law. Four witnesses, all victims of climate change, gave their testimonies as evidence, in front of a jury panel.

The artists used music to pass on climate change messages. Credit: Alun McDonald

Blog: Dancing for survival: Using music to create awareness of climate change

Although climate change poses a global threat that can only be tackled through urgent collective and concerted action, a large section of Kenya’s population are still not aware of its direct impact to their lives and how to respond to the threat. Worse still, the understanding of and action on climate change among the youth in Kenya is still very low, yet they play a significant role in any attempt to bring change either at the community or national levels.

The Worst Lobby Awards

Blog: Spoiler warning: Worst corporate lobbyists in the EU revealed!

As we move towards the next big climate meeting in Cancun at the end of this month, activities are ramping up to influence the global talks. And it’s not only civil society organizations and active citizens wanting action on climate change that are lobbying hard to get a success story out of the meeting.

Blog: Something has cropped up across the EU…

Last week, across Europe, in Italy, France, Ireland, Belgium and the UK, something was growing.  And it wasn’t the consensus to act decisively on climate change in the ongoing climate negotiations. No, it was a bunch of so-called ‘flashcrops’, organic installations highlighting the need to support food producers fighting climate change.

Blog: Comment redresser deux torts…

Dans les couloirs des négociations internationales sur les changements climatiques, il est facile d’oublier la nécessité d’actions urgentes et ambitieuses. Pourtant, cette année, tout autour du globe, des populations ont connu l’enfer. 

Blog: G8 & G20: We’ll judge you on what you do, not what you say

Those of us calling for world leaders to take climate change seriously were heartened to hear that the Canadian government bowed to pressure from environmentalists, Nobel Peace Prize Laureates and more progressive countries early last week to include climate change on the G8 and G20 agendas.

Momento del acto de calle donde se pedía a los líderes del mundo más compromiso con el cambio climático. Autor: Oxfam

Blog: Atención líderes del mundo – ¡Invertid en el futuro, ahora!

Ayer, grupos de activistas de países como los EE.UU., el Reino Unido, India, México, Malawi, Sudáfrica y Bélgica organizaron actos de calle y manifestaciones como parte del Día de Acción  del G-8/ G-20. El objetivo era enviar un poderoso mensaje a sus dirigentes antes de ir a Canadá a asistir a las respectivas Cumbres: Invertir en el futuro. Ahora.

    * Luchar contra el Cambio Climático,     * Repensar la economía mundial,

Street stunt in Toronto calling on G8 leaders to "Invest in the future. Now." Credit: Oxfam Canada

Blog: Hey World Leaders – Invest in the future now!

Today, activist groups worldwide organized events as part of a G20 day of action in countries such as the US, the UK, India, Mexico, Malawi, South Africa and Belgium. They did so with the goal of sending a powerful message to their leaders before they head to Canada for the G8/G20 Summits: Invest in the future. Now.


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