Blog: ¡Atención! ¡Tiburones al acecho!

Al igual que en la última ronda de conversaciones de la ONU en Bonn, los delegados se sorprendieron al encontrar un 'prestamista' tratando de dar dinero a los países en desarrollo para salvar el clima.

Un grupo de activistas de Oxfam rodeados por un tiburón protestaron y mostraron su indignación ante los planes para ofrecer «préstamos de adaptación al clima" a los países pobres - en lugar de ofrecer ayudas reales sin contraprestaciones. 

Blog: Watch out! The loan sharks are about…

As the latest round of United Nations climate talks got underway in Bonn, Germany, yesterday, delegates were surprised to find a loan shark (as desperate and dodgy as you can imagine) trying to give climate finance loans to developing countries.

A group of Oxfam activists surrounded the shark with loud shouts of protest, as part of a stunt organized by Oxfam, to show outrage at plans to offer 'climate adaptation loans’ to poor countries -- instead of offering grants.

Blog: Oxfam UN Conference Verdict - Historic moment, historic gathering, historic COP out

The ‘climate deal’ on the table in Copenhagen today is a triumph of spin over substance says Oxfam International.  The deal – which has been announced by the US, India, China and South Africa - has not been endorsed by the EU and many other countries.

The deal provides no confidence that catastrophic climate change will be averted or that poor countries will be given the money they need to adapt as temperatures rise. Leaders have also put off agreeing a legally binding deal until the end of 2010.  

Nicolas Sarkozy showing a sign "History will judge me".

Blog: Being Nicolas Sarkozy

Very few people have the opportunity to be the President of the French Republic in their lifetime, but today I was lucky enough to take up the mantle, at least for half an hour and be Nicolas Sarkozy.

Un policia se pasea entre unos asistentes a la cumbre. Autor: Ainhoa Goma/Oxfam International

Blog: Aquí no entra ni el apuntador

La temperatura en la cumbre de Copenhague está subiendo y no precisamente por el cambio climático.

Empezamos la semana con la noticia de que ibamos a necesitar una segunda acreditación para poder entrar al centro de convenciones. Hoy nos hemos despertados con la retirada de un tercio de nuestros accesos. Mañana nos quedamos fuera el 90% de los enviados de Oxfam y el viernes una persona, con suerte, podrá entrar a la cumbre.

Seleban Yussuf Noor, 75, Ununley village, Togheer, Somaliland. Credit: Oxfam

Blog: Somalia: A way of life lost

In Burcao, Somaliland we visited a village called Ununley. Here, in houses spread on either side of the road, live pastoralist families. When the village gathers to meet us, providing an occasion to drink tea and chew khaat, there is a distinct majority of elderly and women. Indeed, many men have gone with their sheep and goats to search for water. The latest information, a village elder tells us, is that it has rained by the Ethiopian border.

Demonstration for Tuvalu at the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen. Credit: Ainhoa Goma/Oxfam International

Blog: Tiny Tuvalu islands could make or break the UN Climate Summit

I’m told by family and friends who are a comfortable distance from the Bella Centre that all they can hear is angry barking.

It’s certainly absolutely bewildering. Everyone – NGOs, negotiators and journalists – is trying to figure out the significance of the draft text tabled by small island countries that no-one’s seen yet and the draft text from Africa that no-one’s seen yet and the freeze on negotiations caused by the 4th smallest country in the world …

Tuvalu demonstration in front of the Copenhagen talks plenary room. Credit: Ainhoa Goma/Oxfam

Blog: Even the quiet days are noisy at the UN Climate Change Conference

When you ask people what happened yesterday in the negotiations at the COP , they’ll say – not much. Delegates were hunkered down in side rooms and there were no major sessions taking place. But it’s interesting how steamy a ‘not much’ day can be. And it feels like the temperature is rising quite quickly.

Dancing flash mob at the Copenhagen Summit. Credit: Rully Rayoga/ Oxfam

Blog: Reflections on Day 1 of the UN Climate Conference

The queues for the Bella Centre started just after dawn. Yesterday the building was quiet and clean as a church. It’s lunchtime on the first day and already the place looks more like a students union. The Oxfam team is huddled near the entrance to the media centre –we’ve just had our first squabble over plugpoints.

The first ‘incident’ has just occurred – this time it was a group of kids doing a kooky and good tempered ‘climate dance’, but the tone of direct actions inside the Bella Centre is likely to sour pretty quickly. 

Blog: 10 million voices demand a FAB Climate Deal

Yesterday, the voices of 10 million people from around the world, who have demanded a FAB deal on climate, were handed to the Head of the UN Climate Conference, Yvo de Boer and the Danish Climate Minister and President of this conference, Connie Hedegaard.  Look at more photos of the hand-in on our Flickr page.


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