Blog: Going underwater to bring the reality of climate change to Copenhagen

Blog: 3 days until the UN Climate Change Conference begins

And it’s getting hectic.  Emails are flying, to-dos are getting ticked off and equipment is being unpacked, as my colleagues and I finalise our plans and begin arriving in Copenhagen, just ahead of the start of the UN Climate Conference.

Why are we here?

Blog: G8 gives a boost to small farmers but more is needed

Just to show it's not over 'til it's over - and underline the power of targeted advocacy - the final communiqué on food security from the G8 leaders caught everyone by surprise by boosting the pledge for support to agriculture to US$20 billion.

It may not have been our critique that moved the leaders to set a more ambitious goal but our strong message to governments - and through the media to their citizens - can't have hurt in moving the bar.

Blog: Looking back at this G8: the big promise remains just a promise

It’s past 3 pm on the final day of the Summit and I’ve just started realizing that it’s over… after almost 2 years of working, sweating, worrying about the G8 there’s nothing more I can do to squeeze out positive results out of this summit for the world’s poor. What I see instead is yet another series of big announcements, good intentions and no action.

Summit Media Centre in L'Aquila

Blog: Really, they can’t afford another bad G8 summit. …For their own sake!

So here we are at the G8 International Media Centre at l’Aquila, Italy. I cannot believe it’s already been 364 days after all the hype of the last G8 was over in Japan.

The Chairperson's hammer at the plenary of the UNFCCC in Bonn

Blog: Our future under the hammer

With a stroke of a hammer the climate change talks were over – two weeks of intense negotiations for… for what actually?

Grace from Kenya - one of the speakers at the tcktcktck climate hearing in Bonn

Blog: People matter

The usually sleepy climate negotiations were given a wake up alarm call today by a wailing siren outside the conference centre. It was an NGO stunt involving two trucks and two very loud air raid sirens, each enclosed in a locked cage. To turn the sirens off, the police had to cut their way through each metal cage to reach the machinery and arrest the protesters.

Oxfam campaigners highlight need for urgent action as delegates meet at international climate talks. Credits: Robert van Walden.

Blog: Delay kills - Ten red letters conquer the plenary

Ten red letters took over the plenary. Ten red letters spelling out a simple and clear message to the delegates at the International Climate Change talks. Ten red letters stating: 'DELAY KILLS'.

Blog: Corn stories from Kaoi

Yesterday, I had an interesting career change for a day: I was a corn on the cob in Oxfam’s biofuels performance.

As all the camera’s pointed at me, it felt like being a star, but it was a little scary at the same time. Everyone else was safely guarded from the cameras by their ‘big heads’, while I was out in the open. It was also quite tiring, because I had to squat down all the time.


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