Severe drought in Mauritania, 2012. Photo: Pablo Tosco/Oxfam

Blog: Climate change and hunger: El Niño could push us into unchartered waters

Millions of poor people face hunger and poverty this year and next because of droughts and erratic rains as global temperatures reach record levels and because of the onset of a powerful El Nino, the climatic phenomenon that develops in the tropical Pacific which can bring extreme weather to several regions.

Indigenous farmers in Cambodia. Credit: Oxfam

Blog: Global Alliance on Climate Smart Agriculture: solution or mirage?

In its design, the Global Alliance for Climate Smart Agriculture threatens to perpetuate both inequalities of power and forms of industrial agricultural production that cause major greenhouse gas emissions and drive climate change. Agro-ecology, however,offers a major alternative to the industrial agriculture model, if sufficiently supported by political and economic decision makers.

Oxfam Big Heads, UNFCCC climate talks, Lima, Peru, 12 December 2014. Photo: Percy Ramirez/Oxfam

Blog: Que faut-il faire pour que les gouvernements se décident à agir face au changement climatique ?

Alors que le processus de négociation de l'ONU sur le changement climatique a démarré il y a 20 ans, les gouvernements réunis à Lima, au Pérou, pour la COP20, ne sont pas parvenus, une fois encore, à mettre la planète sur la voie lui permettant de contrôler le réchauffement climatique.


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