Cyclone Pam

Stella (left) and Chantal wait for their turn to get a voucher. Efate, Eton Village, Vanuatu. Credit: Groovy Banana/OxfamAUS

Blog: Embracing the spirit of Vanuatu, 3 months after Cyclone Pam

Three months after Cyclone Pam struck on March 13, 2015, Oxfam's Country Director in Vanuatu recounts the amazing spirit of the people there, and how Oxfam has provided life-saving emergency aid to more than 21,000 people in more than 50 communities on three islands.

Andrew Roland, 42, lost his house after Cyclone Pam hit Vanuatu on 13 March 2015. Credit: Vlad Sokhin/Panos/OxfamAUS

Blog: In the wake of Cyclone Pam, ambitious climate change action is vital in 2015

Ambitious climate change action is vital in 2015, in the post 2015 development agenda and at the Paris climate talks later this year. Indeed, action on climate change, disaster risk reduction and sustainable development are all intrinsically linked.

Oxfam delivers hygiene kits, Ambrym Island, Vanuatu. Photo: Amy Christian/Oxfam

Blog: Journey to Ambrym: Oxfam aid delivery in Vanuatu

In the aftermath of Cyclone Pam, Oxfam distributed hygiene kits to the most affected families in the east of Ambrym Island, one of the islands in Vanuatu, and also to carried out an assessment of people’s needs since the cyclone hit.

Oxfam distributes hygiene kits, Vanuatu, 20 March 2015. Photo: Amy Christian/Oxfam

Blog: The strength of the human spirit after Cyclone Pam slams Vanuatu

Amy Christian, Oxfam Communications Coordinator joined the Oxfam emergency response team in Vanuatu as they began their first distribution of hygiene kits in the aftermath of Cyclone Pam.

Tropical Cyclone Olwyn, Nathan and Pam and Tropical Depression 3 March 11 2015. Image:

Blog: In the wake of Cyclone Pam, will the world’s new disaster risk reduction deal be an empty promise?

Governments are making agreements in Sendai, J

Cyclone Pam hits Vanuatu. Photo: Isso Nihmei/

Blog: Cyclone Pam: Eyewitness report from Oxfam Country Director in Vanuatu

Colin Collett van Rooyen

Photo: Cyclone Pam hits Vanuatu, via 350 on Flickr

Blog: Vanuatu’s impassioned plea at Sendai – why the world needs to take bold action on disaster risk reduction

This morning, the World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) opened in Sendai, Japan. His Excellency Mr. Baldwin Lonsdale, the President of Vanuatu delivered an emotional opening statement, a wake-up call for the international community - the current status quo in disaster risk reduction efforts is failing the world’s most vulnerable nations and communities.

People in Vanuatu prepare for the worst. Photo: Ben Bohane, 13 March 2015

Blog: As Cyclone Pam strikes, the world looks to Sendai for a better approach to disaster risk

Just as Tropical Cyclone Pam tears a path through the Pacific with winds of up to 280km per hour, a team of Oxfam staff and partners are gathering at the third World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction, in Sendai, Japan, to call for a bold new course to reduce the risk of disasters over the next fifteen years.

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