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Blog: The migration solution is a humanitarian solution

The increasingly dramatic images on our televis

Family leaving Alep after bombing, in Syria. Photo: Pablo Tosco

Blog: Syria: the world must unite

There are promises and promises, but we get nothing, Fatima, a refugee from Syria, told one of my colleagues in Lebanon last week. Her counterparts in Jordan where I was visiting tell a very similar story. They call for more aid for those who have fled Syria of course – but also for something to be done for the millions left behind in their country’s vicious conflict.

Hawa Aden Mohamed. Credit: UNHCR / F. Juez

Blog: "Mama Hawa", a symbol of hope for Somali displaced people

From Geneva’s prestigious “Bâtiment des Forces motrices”, where the 2012 Nansen Refugee Award ceremony was organized yesterday evening, it was quite hard to imagine the extremely difficult circumstances in which Hawa Aden Mohamed has been working since 1999, the year she co-founded the GECPD (Galkayo Education Center for Peace and Development), an Oxfam’s partner organization in Somalia.

Blog: “I miss my husband” – DRC refugees seek safety in Uganda

As vast swathes of eastern DRC descend further into chaos with little government or security presence, people continue to flee to escape killing, rape, looting and extortion committed by rebel militia. In Uganda, more than 1,000 people are arriving each week to the Rwamwanja refugee settlement, now home to more than 20,000 refugees, with a further 10,000 people waiting in the Nyakabanda transit camp on the DRC border.

Blog: 3 facts about Israeli settlements and their impact on Palestinians in the Jordan Valley

The Jordan Valley, in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, has the potential to be the breadbasket of any future Palestinian state. However, the persistent expansion of Israeli settlements and other restrictions on Palestinian development have made life extremely difficult for Palestinian communities.

Blog: Trois faits sur les colonies israéliennes et leur impact sur les Palestiniens dans la vallée du Jourdain

La vallée du Jourdain, en Territoire palestinien occupé, dispose du potentiel pour devenir le grenier d'un futur Etat palestinien. Mais l'expansion permanente des colonies israéliennes, ainsi que d'autres restrictions freinant le développement des communautés palestiniennes rend la vie de ces dernières extrêmement difficile.

Les infographies ci-dessous illustrent les difficultés et restrictions qui pèsent sur les Palestiniens en matière de construction et d’accès à l’eau et à la terre.

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