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Oxfam volunteers demonstrate the impact of food price volatility Oxfam/Francesco Cafaro

Blog: #GROW Week day six: the famine in Somalia three months on

Three months to the day since the announcement of famine in Somalia, the situation in the country remains severe. 

Malnutrition rates among children in Somalia are the worst in the world. There are now 1.5 million Somalis – one in six of the population – who have been displaced and the upcoming rainy season brings the threat of outbreaks of disease among communities already weakened by malnutrition.

Oxfam beneficiaries anxiously await water distribution on the outskirts of the Dadaab camp, Kenya. Photo: Jo Harrison/Oxfam

Blog: “Your son is not sick. He just needs to eat.”

I just arrived in Nairobi from the States and it’s now been more than 10 days since parts of Somalia were announced by the United Nations to have reached famine level. As aid workers, the “F” word hits us hard.

A famine? How did we get there? How did we let the situation deteriorate so that people are actually dying of hunger?

Somali women collect clean water from an Oxfam/Havyoco water site. Photo: Alun McDonald / Oxfam

Blog: East Africa: The preventable crisis

Rosebell Kagumire is a Ugandan journalist working on peace and conflict issues in East Africa. In this guest blog, Rosebell explains how African governments must play a vital role in preventing future famines. NOTE: The opinions reflected here are the authors own and do not necessarily reflect Oxfam policy.

Halima Bare, pictured here with her seven children, walked 50km in search of help after the drought killed 35 of her 40 livestock. Credit: Jo Harrison / Oxfam

Blog: East Africa food crisis – all you need to know

If you've visited Oxfam's website in the last few days, seen the news, or read the papers then you'll no doubt be aware of the humanitarian emergency that is unfolding in East Africa.

Oxfam and many other aid organisations have launched emergency appeals to respond to what's been described as ‘the most severe food security emergency in the world today.'

Oxfam's partner ALDEF delivers WFP food to Jowhar village, Wajir. Photo: Anna Ridout/Oxfam

Blog: The East Africa food crisis was not inevitable and solutions exist

The drought in East Africa is an urgent humanitarian crisis, but one which also highlights the underlying problems people face in having sustainable and affordable access to food.

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