Oxfam call for World Tax Summit

Blog: G20 Brisbane verdict: Some good progress and some serious gaps

Hundreds of thousands of people have called for action from the G20 Summit in Brisbane, on issues including inequality, tax, ebola and climate change. And leaders have certainly heard the calls on them to act, but only some of the calls have been properly heeded.

Oxfam Australia's message to G20 World Leaders in Melbourne St South Brisbane. Photo: Ann Matson/OxfamAUS

Blog: G20 must act on the inequality and Ebola crises now

Remarkably more than half of the people in G20 countries, the economic powers of the world, live below the poverty line of $2US per day. Oxfam is here to push the G20 to do more, and to mean more, to the majority of the G20’s citizens.

Teaching children how to wash hands, Oxfam Ebola response in Sierra Leone. Photo: Tommy Trenchard/Oxfam

Blog: A plea from Liberia for action on Ebola

By David Watako, water and sanitation engineer in Liberia - Living in Liberia right now is living with a constant anxiety, especially at this time. We are living in a situation where people are suspicious of any fluid, of any handshake, of any human or surface contact. 


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