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Blog: Where does development cooperation fit in the EU Multiannual Financial Framework?

The next EU Multiannual Financial Framework (the architecture of the EU's budget) will shape the priorities of the EU’s official development aid until at least 2027. But as member states outline what the budget will look like, development aid does not seem to have a place in the plan.

Oxfam campaigns against tax havens. Photo: Tineke D'haese/Oxfam

Blog: How to end the inequality crisis? More tax justice

While the rich are getting richer, governments’ reforms all around the world have brought cuts in corporate income, wealth and property taxes and cuts in public services. The EU is not exempt from this trend, but can have a positive role – if it implements reforms.

Refugees arrive on the beaches of Lesbos, Greece. Photo: Pablo Tosco/Oxfam, 24 February 2016

Blog: The human dimension of EU migration: Greece’s escalating humanitarian crisis

At every EU migration summit in recent months, border security has trumped the safety and wellbeing of people on the move. This has been causing human misery and suffering for the tens of thousands of women, men and children now stranded in Greece and the Western Balkans.

Refugiados de Afganistán y el Medio Oriente esperan para inscribirse para recibir un permiso de viaje 72 horas en un centro de inmigrantes y refugiados en Presevo, Serbia.

Blog: Recuperar la fe en la humanidad: Europa tiene la responsabilidad de garantizar los derechos de los refugiados

La negligencia mostrada por muchos Gobiernos europeos hacia miles de personas que han tenido que huir de sus hogares ha causado una oleada de indignación ciudadana.

Rapeseed is often used to make biofuels. © Copyright Adam Ward used under CC

Blog: A win for food security: EU caps biofuels from food

Yesterday EU agriculture ministers meeting in Brussels formally approved legislation limiting the use of food-based biofuels in the EU.

HSBC Bank Switzerland. Photo:

Blog: Breaking the cycle: How Europe can stop industrial tax dodging

HSBC’s Swiss branch helped over 130,000 wealthy people dodge their taxes. This is yet another shocking scandal making tax dodging appear more like a film franchise than a damaging global practice. Here's how the European Union could help ensure justice.

4 pivotal ways the EU can fight poverty in 2014

Blog: 4 pivotal ways the EU can fight poverty in 2014

As major changes sweep over European leadership, 2014 will certainly prove a landmark year in Europe’s standing in the world. This institutional reshuffle offers an opportunity to change gears and tackle global challenges straight on.

At Oxfam, we want to see Europe leading the fight against inequality and climate change, two major injustices threatening to undermine the efforts of millions of people to escape poverty and hunger, both at home and abroad.

A cautionary tale: Europe's bitter crisis of austerity and inequality

Blog: A cautionary tale: Europe's bitter crisis of austerity and inequality

By Winnie Byanyima and Sharan Burrow

Because of austerity, Europeans may have to live through the type of disastrous period experienced by Latin Americans, Asians and Africans in the 1980s and 1990s.

Europe's aggressive plans to balance the books by slashing public spending are proving to be a disaster. By ignoring mistakes from history, Europe risks repeating them. The most vulnerable people in Europe are facing an ‘austerity winter' that could last a generation.

Cuatro sencillas verdades sobre los biocombustibles

Blog: Cuatro sencillas verdades sobre los biocombustibles

¿Qué es más importante: la comida o el combustible? Pregúntaselo a tu eurodiputado 

La próxima semana el Parlamento Europeo votará la reforma de la legislación europea sobre biocombustibles. Con un simple voto contestarán a una sencilla pregunta: ¿Qué es más importante: la comida o el combustible?

Four simple truths about biofuels

Blog: Four simple truths about biofuels

What comes first: food or fuel? Ask your Member of the European Parliament

Next week, the European Parliament will vote on the reform of Europe’s biofuels legislation. By a show of hands they will answer one very simple question: what comes first, food of fuel?

To drive or to eat

What’s more important? The answer to this question should be straightforward. But not for the biofuels industry and farming lobbies that have been relentless in their efforts to capture European decision-making to serve their interests.


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