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Birtukan Dagnachew Tegegn on her farm in northern Ethiopia. Photo: Ashenafi Molla/Oxfam

Blog: Women farmers challenge world leaders to change climate agenda

As world leaders prepare for the Conference of the Parties (COP 21) in Paris in December to hammer out a climate deal, Female Food Heroes and others from across the continent are asking those representing Africa to take a bold stance.

Neem Mibimba, 28 is President of the Women's Forum, Boporo camp, Eastern DRC. Credit: Eleanor Farmer/Oxfam, December 2014

Blog: The first 4 years of Oxfam's GROW Campaign: Keep on growing!

Four years ago this month, Oxfam’s GROW campaign launched with a rallying cry to “fix the broken food system.” In more than 50 countries, people like you have stood up to governments, banks and the world’s biggest brands – and winwon. None of this would have been possible without your support!

Birtukan picking apples from a tree

Blog: World Food Day: From small farmer to Ethiopian female food hero

Birtukan Dagnachew Tegegn believes in m


Blog: Journée mondiale de l’alimentation : le parcours atypique d’une héroïne du quotidien en Éthiopie

Birtukan Dagnachew Tegegn a la conviction que l’on peut contribuer à un monde meilleur en cultivant la terre. « Quand tu récoltes, tu as l’impression d’être témoin des merveilles de la nature, dit-elle. Tu prends soin de ce qu’il y a de plus précieux : la nourriture que nous mangeons. »

Agriculture is employment in Tanzania

Blog: Agriculture is employment in Tanzania

Last year (2012) October Sister Martha was named Mama Shujaa wa Chakula (female food hero) of the year in Tanzania. Early this year she moved to a new piece of land in Morogoro Region where she has used the Mama Shujaa wa Chakula prize to start a youth training center teaching and demonstrating sustainable agricultural practices to the youth.

Martha Mwasu Waziri is crowned the Mama Shujaa wa Chakula (Female Food Hero) Tanzania 2012 Credit: Oxfam

Blog: #SemanaCRECE: Las heroínas de la alimentación en Tanzania

Durante la Semana CRECE hemos recibido fantásticas noticias sobre el gran trabajo que se está realizando en Tanzania para proporcionar apoyo a las productoras de alimentos y hacer frente a los problemas relacionados con la tenencia de la tierra. A continuación puedes leer la historia sobre la final del "reality show" Heroínas de la alimentación en el que participa Oxfam. Esta semana se anunció a la ganadora....

Martha Mwasu Waziri is crowned the Mama Shujaa wa Chakula (Female Food Hero) Tanzania 2012 Credit: Oxfam

Blog: #GROWWeek Day 6: Female Food Hero Finale in Tanzania

During GROW Week we’ve had a lot of fantastic updates on the great work that is being done in Tanzania to support female food producers and tackle the issues around land. Below is a wrap up story from the Female Food Heroes reality TV show that the women were heavily involved in developing. This week the winner was announced….

“Female Food Heroes 2012” competition launches in Tanzania

Blog: “Female Food Heroes 2012” competition launches in Tanzania

The harmonies of singing women filled the air in Iyenge village as Esther Jerome, Anna Oloshuro and Mwandiwe Makame kicked off the celebrations to launch the 2012 Mama Shujaa Wa Chakula – Tanzania’s “Female Food Hero.”

This national ‘reality TV-style’ competition aims to raise awareness of the incredible achievements of female food producers across the country, whose contributions to society often go unrecognized.

Female Food Hero Ester Jarome Mtegule looks on at her picture in the AWID photo exhibition. Photo: Jameen Kaur/Oxfam

Blog: Oxfam and partners at AWID: 'Power is access to resources.'

We can hear African drums being played from the speakers as we make our way into a room which feels like a giant cinema. Greeting us are over 2,000 women and girls, ranging in age from 7 to 80, from over 140 countries. It is a sea of colourful, traditional dress depicting histories and cultures from all parts of the world, all gathered for the 12th AWID International Forum on Women’s Rights in Development.

Journalist Hurriyet - Turkey's leading national newspaper interviewing Ester and Mandiwe. Photo: Oxfam

Blog: Belief is everything: ‘I have always believed I could be a leader.’

"Before I entered the Female Food Hero competition I had never been outside Tanzania, however I have always believed I could be a leader. I believe I have leadership qualities," explains Mandiwe in an interview conducted by a journalist writing for the Hurriyet newspaper, one of Turkey’s leading national newspapers.


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