Empty classroom, Mali. Image: Oxfam

Blog: Day 9: Too Few Farmers: A view from the United States

Every perceived ill of US farming boils down to too few farmers working to feed too many people. The challenge is to get more young people farming, and help them through the early years when they must focus on learning their craft.

By Michael O’Gorman. Founder of the Farmer Veteran Coalition

Farmers listen to a lecture on sustainable farming techniques, Nigeria. Image: Oxfam

Blog: Day 5: Group Mutuality Paves the Way to a Sustainable Future for Smallholders

The fundamental problem for both female and male smallholders is the size of their farms. They are simply too small to generate an acceptable livelihood. An incorporated farm model could overcome many of the current obstacles and be the farming system of the future.

By Nicko Debenham, Director, Development & Sustainability at Armajaro Trading Ltd.

El cambio climático y el otro "abismo fiscal"

Blog: El cambio climático y el otro "abismo fiscal"

Si has seguido de cerca las elecciones en Estados Unidos a principios de este mes, probablemente hayas oído hablar de un inminente "abismo fiscal", un término acuñado para describir la necesidad de crear una nueva legislación para reactivar la economía estadounidense.

Climate change and the other 'fiscal cliff'

Blog: Climate change and the other 'fiscal cliff'

If you tuned into coverage of the US election earlier this month, you'll almost certainly have heard talk about an impending 'fiscal cliff' – a term that's been coined to describe the need to introduce new legislation to get the US economy on track.

Blog: What does Adaptation Finance have to do with Climate Change?

Today, we launched a new briefing note (see all the photos here) at the UN Climate Change Conference that is being held in Bali, Indonesia.

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