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Blog: The IMF on the Root Causes of the Global Economic Crisis

This blog is part of a short series of Oxfam blogs on the role of international financial institutions, and the fight against poverty.

The IMF has quietly issued a surprising piece of research that speaks directly to who and what is to blame for the global economic crisis: that is, US politicians at the national level who loosened regulation of mortgage lenders and on the rest of the US financial sector.

Blog: Bringing Robin Hood to the 21st Century

Ever wanted to become a Merry (Wo)Man and help to fight poverty and climate change? Well now you can, by grabbing a green mask and supporting the Robin Hood Tax – which is called the tax against poverty in Germany and known to economists as a ‘Financial Transaction Tax’.

3 million face death while Berlusconi and the G8 fiddle. Credit: Nicola Sacco/Oxfam

Blog: The fiddling was fun but the issue is deadly serious

As photo ops go, it doesn’t get much better. A beautiful Rome morning. The ruins of Nero’s palace on the horizon. A backdrop of leaping flames augmented by fire breathers. And the heads of the G8 countries cavorting about in togas, fiddling while Africa burns.

WSF 2009: “Sumak Kawsay” and…what got lost in the translation of ‘development’!

Blog: WSF 2009: “Sumak Kawsay” and…what got lost in the translation of ‘development’!

Our first day at the World Social Forum: Belem, Estado de Pará, very hot, sunny and humid.

Blog: Wallpaper in Doha?

I’m huddled in a corner of the swank Sheraton Hotel in Doha, Qatar.  Around me, workers are carrying massive rows of theater chairs, and rolls of wallpaper.

Why am I here at the most famous hotel in Doha, in this tiny and extremely wealthy Gulf country? (Obviously not where I hang out on an average day)  And what on earth are they doing to this place?

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