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Luz Evelia Godines Solano in her coffee nursery plot, in the peasant community of La Chiripa, Nicaragua. She produces Tierra Madre coffee, marketed in Spain. Credit: Pablo Tosco/Oxfam

Blog: What is the Commission of the Status of Women, and why Oxfam is there

The Commission of the Status of Women (CSW) is the global policy-making body concerning women's empowerment and gender equality issues. Oxfam participates in CSW to advance debates on key issues and influence governments at the negotiations.

Marching in Zambia: Oxfam’s grassroots "Enough!" campaign against violence against women. Credit Oxfam

Blog: Why addressing power is key to ending violence against women

The current wave of interest in sexual harassment at work highlights just one consequence of gender inequality, but if things are really going to change, we need to address the power imbalances that mean women are still seen as second-class citizens.

International Women's Stike, 8 March 2017

Blog: Standing in Solidarity with the International Women’s Strike

Oxfam joins in solidarity with the women’s rights organizations and movements leading the strike. They are vital partners in our work and key actors in a global movement for change, empowering women and men to create a future that is secure, just, and free from poverty.

Let's join our voice and actions to say Enough! Let's end violence against women.

Blog: This is not “bad luck", it is sexist violence

We live in a society that accepts violence against women as normal and also accepts that men act in certain ways in order to command respect and to maintain a status quo and power.

World Humanitarian Summit 2016

Blog: Empty Chairs and Hopeful Promises: Outcomes of the World Humanitarian Summit

Governments attending this week’s World Humanitarian Summit had many important topics to address. There were some big wins including on the four key issues Oxfam was fighting for.

Blog: Make a Big Noise for Climate Action

Join 24 hours of global action and send a big noise online to Kellogg and General Mills!

Can you hear that? Oxfam supporters have taken over half a million actions to get companies to improve their policies on land, gender, and climate change. Doesn’t it sound like music to your ears? Now together we need to act again.

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Blog: 87 seconds to capture five years of change. Can it be done?

For five years Oxfam’s Raising Her Voice (RHV) program worked with 45 local partners, 141 community activist groups in 17 countries to support poor women to participate in, influence and lead the decisions that affect their lives.

Raise her voice sites that make women's invisibility visible

Blog: Raising Her Voice: Feminism around the world

We asked activists around Oxfam and beyond to nominate some of their favorite, most inspiring feminist activist sites.

Is the World Bank getting more serious about gender inequality?

Blog: Is the World Bank getting more serious about gender inequality?

The World Bank has launched a major new report, 'Voice and Agency: Empowering women and girls for shared prosperity' with much fanfare.

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