Hani* and his siblings outside their family’s tent in a community for displaced people in Herjalleh, Syria. Photo: Dania Kareh/Oxfam

Blog: In Syria, delivering water - and hope - in a 'time of great need'

Seven years after the Syria crisis began, families are struggling to access necessities, like water, food, and medicine. Through your support, we're delivering clean water to Hani and his family, and thousands more who fled the violence in East Ghouta.

Aleppo, Syria. Credit: Pablo Tosco/Oxfam

Blog: Syria crisis seven years on: How can we go back to a Syria that no longer exists?

Seven long years after the Syria crisis began, the conflict continues to be marked by enormous human suffering, relentless destruction and a blatant disregard for human rights. Time is long overdue for world leaders to do more to protect and assist civilians and prioritize a political solution to the conflict.

Blog: Syrie : escalade des violences dans la Ghouta, les populations civiles ont besoin d’une aide urgente

Les organisations humanitaires n’ont eu qu’un accès virtuel à la Ghouta orientale, malgré l’évidence de l’urgence critique - témoignage du responsable de l’intervention d’urgence d’Oxfam en Syrie.

Blog: Syria: Civilians in urgent need as violence escalates in Ghouta

Aid agencies have been allowed virtually no access to Eastern Ghouta, despite the clear need for emergency relief - Oxfam's Syria Country Director reports from Damascus.

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