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Time to end the era of tax havens.

Blog: Paradise Papers one year on: Five ways to stop such tax scandals

Oxfam’s five-point plan shows how governments can stop the tax scandals if they put the interests of the public over the demands of the super-rich and big business.

Mexico slum. Photo: Bushra al-Fusail

Blog: Do you care about fighting poverty, climate change and inequality? Then you’ll probably care about these three letters: FfD

How can these three little letters ‘FfD’ bring us one step closer to tackling the world’s greatest threats: poverty, climate change and inequality?

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Blog: Bringing the inequality message to the Davos elite

Oxfam’s view is that by making sure the richest pay their fair share of tax, tackling the scourge of precarious low paid work and investing in high quality, free and public services for all, we can begin to make progress on reducing inequality. 

Emelina Dominguez tending to her vegetables. Honduras, 14 January 07. Photo: Gilvan Barreto/Oxfam

Blog: Fighting inequality in Latin America: The road ahead

Latin America is proof that the global trend of rising economic inequality can be reversed, if the political will exists. Despite historically being the most unequal region in the world, it is the only region that has managed to reduce inequality during the past decade.

Oxfam's Big Heads in Brisbane, for the G20 Summit, in November 2014. Photo: Jason Malouin/Oxfam

Blog: A verdict on the G20: Some progress on inequality, little new on Ebola

By Winnie Byanyima, Executive Director, Oxfam International - Last week I travelled to Brisbane, Australia to take the voice of poor people to the powerful – the summit of the leaders of the Group of 20 most powerful economies. 

Oxfam Australia's message to G20 World Leaders in Melbourne St South Brisbane. Photo: Ann Matson/OxfamAUS

Blog: G20 must act on the inequality and Ebola crises now

Remarkably more than half of the people in G20 countries, the economic powers of the world, live below the poverty line of $2US per day. Oxfam is here to push the G20 to do more, and to mean more, to the majority of the G20’s citizens.

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