Une militante tanzanienne explique à un journaliste le problème des accaparements de terres dans son pays. Photo : Oxfam

Blog: Donner les moyens aux populations de lutter contre la pauvreté ? Les ONG internationales doivent lâcher prise

Les organisations non gouvernementales (ONG) internationales de développement sont à juste titre très fières de leur histoire : elles ont sauvé des vies, aidé les gens à traverser des moments extrêmement difficiles, et montré aux personnes qui se sentent seules que d’autres se soucient d’elles. Mais si les ONG veulent contribuer à un avenir meilleur, elles vont devoir changer.

Coco Beach, Dar es Salaam is "SOLD". Stop land grabs now. Par Oxfam International☆1 0

Blog: Empowering people to fight poverty? International NGOs must let go

The international development Non Governmental Organizations (INGOs) are rightly very proud of their history: they have saved lives, helped people get through the toughest moments, and shown those who feel alone that others care. But if NGOs are to help contribute to a better future, they will need to change.

Sisters Kisinyinye and Norkinmunyak Nairiamu working their fields in Tanzania. Image: Oxfam

Blog: Day 8: On the Virtues of Discrimination

All things being equal, countries benefit from more open trade. But all things are not equal. For women, the context is almost always one of inequality. To protect and advance women’s rights, it’s time for trade negotiators to start discriminating.

By Sophia Murphy, senior advisor to the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy

Desta Yirsa, a farmer in Ethiopia. Image: Oxfam

Blog: Day 1: Changing Value Systems, One Village at a Time

If in the course of earning income women farmers are systematically exploited, have their control over what is grown and how taken away from them, and are left with a denuded natural environs, then this is a heavy price to pay for so-called empowerment.

By Nidhi Tandon, activist and Director of Networked Intelligence for Development

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