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Neem Mibimba, 28 is President of the Women's Forum, Boporo camp, Eastern DRC. Credit: Eleanor Farmer/Oxfam, December 2014

Blog: The first 4 years of Oxfam's GROW Campaign: Keep on growing!

Four years ago this month, Oxfam’s GROW campaign launched with a rallying cry to “fix the broken food system.” In more than 50 countries, people like you have stood up to governments, banks and the world’s biggest brands – and winwon. None of this would have been possible without your support!

Robin Hood campaigners outside the German Finance Ministry handing in the Million Strong petition. Credit: DGB/Steinle, 7 May 2015

Blog: The most popular tax in history? The ‘Million Strong’ campaign for a Robin Hood Tax

From Rome to Berlin, Robin Hood Tax campaigners are coming together this week to present a ‘Million Strong’ petition to European leaders. Since the campaign launched, supporters in Europe have taken over a million actions in support of the Financial Transaction Tax (FTT), making it one of the most popular taxes in history.

Rebuilding Tacloban's waterfront after Typhoon Haiyan. Photo: Oxfam

Blog: Let the anniversary of Typhoon Haiyan stir the world to high ambition on climate change

It’s been one year since super-Typhoon

COP 19/ CMP 9 president Marcin Korolec briefs the press. Photo: UN Climate Change

Blog: Warsaw: What is it good for? Poland’s role in the climate change talks

I just arrived in Warsaw, joining the Oxfam team that must already be part exhausted by the first three days of the climate change talks here.

Activistas en favor de la Tasa Robin Hood en Malawi. Foto: Robin Hood Tax Campaign

Blog: Tasa Robin Hood: Último obstáculo hacia la meta superado

La semana pasada llegaron estupendas noticias de Bruselas, donde los ministros de Finanzas europeos acordaron permitir que once países de la UE introdujeran un impuesto sobre las operaciones financieras. Un importante salto paso  hacia adelante para la campaña a favor del Tasa Robin Hood.

Robin Hood Tax campaigners in Malawi show their support. Photo: Robin Hood Tax Campaign

Blog: Over the last hurdle and into the home straight for the Robin Hood Tax

Great news arrived from Brussels on Tuesday as European Finance Ministers agreed to allow eleven EU countries to introduce a Financial Transaction tax (FTT). This is a giant leap for the Robin Hood Tax campaign.

Caravan of Hope Activists in Malawi, pose with their placard. Photo: Oxfam

Blog: Winners and losers in the Durban climate deal

In the early hours of Sunday morning, governments meeting at the UN climate change conference in Durban, South Africa, set a path towards a new legally binding agreement for all countries to cut emissions. But the deal struck does little to meet the needs of poor people fighting climate change right now, and risks blurring important distinctions between the responsibilities to act of developed and developing countries.

Can Durban be the bridge to a better future on climate change?

Blog: Can Durban be the bridge to a better future on climate change?

It’s now two years since the frantic campaigning and manic diplomacy that led to the Copenhagen climate change conference, and the blame games that followed its inadequate result. As the next UN climate talks get under way this week in Durban, South Africa, we need a new script to explain what has been achieved since 2009 and what must come next in the fight to tackle climate change.

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