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Keeping aid promises – Busan in a nutshell

Blog: Keeping aid promises – Busan in a nutshell

Gregory Adam's, Director of Aid Effectiveness at Oxfam America introduces Oxfam's new Briefing, Busan in a Nutshell: What next for the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation?

Aid is a vital tool in the fight against global poverty. But too often, aid delivers less than it promises.

Blog: After the horse-trading….

The term horse trading is an Americanism that dates back to early 19th century and refers to intricacies of assessing, bargaining and trading of horses. Apparently one had to be a shrewd dealer in order to obtain the best horse for the best price or vice versa.

Blog: Accra Aid Forum: People’s voices missing

Donors and aid recipient’s countries are not the only group interested in development aid. Again and again, civil society organizations from all over the world have been demanding a right to a say in the aid industry.

“Governments from developing countries are shamefully more accountable to donors than to citizens that have queued in poll stations to cast their votes to elect their leaders” – described some of the groups I met with during the civil society for better aid event in Accra.

Blog: One nation with one destiny

"We are one people; we are one nation; we have one destiny," sang a group of musicians at the opening of the Civil Society Forum on Aid Effectiveness taking in place in Accra, Ghana from August 31 through September 1st.

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