International Women’s Day

International Women's Day 2019

Blog: Happy International Women's Day - Oxfam Celebrating Women All Across the World

Today on International Women’s Day, we stand in solidarity with the women’s movement, we pause and reflect on how to be better feminists, we immerse ourselves in the stories of incredible women and girls, and we reignite the passion and resolve to keep fighting for a more a more equal world.

Mime show to demand female farmers' right ahead of International Women's Day 2011 in Bangladesh. Photo: Mahmudul H. Moni/Oxfam

Blog: Dear women’s rights movements, thank you!

This blog was co-written by Jenny Enarsson, our former Gender justice Lead, and Shawna Wakefield, our current Gender Justice Lead.

Blog: Women's rights: Let’s not wait another hundred years

In the hundred years since the first International Women’s Day there has been much progress in the advancing of women’s rights, but much more remains to be done.

Blog: This International Women's Day, join the quiet revolution

Today is a special day. In China, women get the day off work. In Bosnia and Italy, women receive gifts of flowers. In Cameroon, women dance in the streets. What will you do today to make it a special day?

For 100 years, the world has marked International Women’s Day by celebrating women’s economic, political and social accomplishments. This March 8th, we are coming together again to mark this special day by calling attention to the inequality and discrimination that is still a daily fact of life for millions of women.

Nour has worked hard since her husband died, taking on two or more jobs to look after her children. Credit: Ceerwan Aziz/Oxfam

Blog: Iraqi women suffer in silence

A new report by Oxfam has uncovered the reality of life for some of Iraqi society's most vulnerable people – women. Jennifer Abrahamson, Regional Media Coordinator with Oxfam GB, explains why more needs to be done to help them.

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