The 005 campaign poster with the slogan: “A little tax on speculation, a great opportunity for all!“

Blog: From a snowing morning in Rome to the launch of the "005" campaign

It all started in late January, on a cold Italian winter's day – with snow falling in Rome. Seeing Rome covered in snow is a once in a lifetime experience – and that day another once in a lifetime opportunity was emerging: an opportunity to turn the banker’s crisis into a real opportunity for all.

Summit Media Centre in L'Aquila

Blog: Really, they can’t afford another bad G8 summit. …For their own sake!

So here we are at the G8 International Media Centre at l’Aquila, Italy. I cannot believe it’s already been 364 days after all the hype of the last G8 was over in Japan.

On Valentine's Day, Dorothy joins activists to serenade the Italian Minister of Finance. Credit: Oxfam

Blog: The Italian Job

Following her trip to Germany Dorothy N'goma, Executive Director of the National Organization of Nurses and Midwives of Malawi, now writes about her experiences in Italy. Here she sees some of the preparations for the G8, before serenading a minister.

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